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Worship: Leading & Preaching – Explore

 Learning together with others is a vital and engaging part of learning as a Worship Leader or Local Preacher.  That’s why the Explore sessions are so central to the course.  It’s not always possible to gather a group together in a Circuit or even a District.  That’s why our residential Spring and Summer Schools at Cliff College have proven so popular.  They provide a wonderful opportunity to meet and learn with other Local Preachers and Worship Leaders in training from all over the country and overseas.  Experiences and insights are shared: we worship together and have fun.

Here are comments from people who attended last year's Summer School:

 ‘Deepened my faith and my understanding of God’, ‘Renewing, refreshing and re-orientation!’, ‘The short few days have had a potentially life-long impact on my Christian journey – something I simply was not expecting – but God has worked powerfully through Cliff’, ‘I have met some wonderful people, all with the light of God in them’, ‘I have been inspired, enthused and encouraged by the whole experience’, The lectures and the fellowship were wonderful’, ‘Huge inspiration’, ‘Engaging with other students made the learning experience communal and fun’, ‘My calling has been re-affirmed and I have been supported every step of the way’.

Here are the dates for 2019/2020:

Summer School 2019, 5th - 9th August.  Note that there will be four streams, covering all modules.  Click here for more information.

Spring School 2020, 23rd – 27th March 2020.

Summer School 2020: 3rd – 7th August 2020.

Worship: Leading & Preaching in a Year?

Starting in September 2019, we are offering an opportunity to do "WLP in a Year”.  Students will attend Spring and Summer Schools, plus three additional residential weekends.  You must already have a Note to Preach and a tutor and mentor in your circuit, and will come to Cliff College for the Explore sessions.  To find out more, contact David Hunt on 01246 584226 or email chaplain@cliffcollege.ac.uk .

Important Information

Note that the sessions at Spring and Summer School are based on the Explore material in the Worship: Leading and Preaching course, and assume that students are enrolled on the course and have completed the Prepare sections prior to attending.

There is a cost for attending Spring and Summer Schools.  Churches, circuits and districts are urged to support and affirm their trainee worship leaders and local preachers by contributing to this cost. In cases where difficult financial circumstances would prevent someone attending, please contact the Local Preachers’ office for details of charities offering possible grant support.

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