Candidating Forms and Guidance Documents

To request a C.1 and C1.1  Application Form, please email us at: by 31st August 2018 


Forms and documents for Candidating 2018/19


G.12 Deadlines for All Participants’ and Guidance Form


Section 1             GUIDANCE and INTRODUCTORY MATERIAL (G)

G.2 What is a Deacon?

G.3 What is a Presbyter?

G.4 Selection Criteria for Ordained Ministry (2016)

G.5 Privacy and cookie policy 2018-19

 G.6 Steps in Candidating for Ordained Ministry

G.7 Guidance for Superintendents and those who accompany a Candidate

G.8 Candidates Support 4-way Meeting 

G.9 The Costs of Candidating                                                          

G.10 Guidance for Portfolio Mentors

G.11 Guidance for Placement Supervisors       

G.13 Guidance for District Chairs                                      

G.14 Immigration Guidance for Candidates

G.15 Queens Foundation Open Day Programme 2018-19

G.16 Training Pathways                                                                       

 G.17 Protocols for Members of Candidates’ Selection Committees

G.18 Guidance-for-District-Candidates'-Secretaries



Section 2             CIRCUIT FORMS (C)

C.2 Candidating Portfolio Guidance and Instructions Form

C.2.1 Resource List Template Form

C.3 Reports on Leading Worship Form (Diaconal and Presbyteral)

C.4 Circuit Leadership Team Report Form -2018-FINAL

C.4.1 Circuit Meeting Vote Report Form




D.1 DCC Report from Small Group 1 Form

D.2 DCC Report from Small Group 2 Form








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