Property Projects

The Life Cycle of a Property Project

*Please note that these steps can be scaled up or down depending on the size of the project.  

Phase 1 - Preparation

Step 1 - Produce a Mission Plan & Property Profile 


Part One - Mission Plan
Mission is heart of what we do.  The Evangelism & Growth team have produced a  Mission Planning Toolkit (recommended reading) with guidance to help churches write a mission plan.  There a several ways of writing a mission plan listed in the toolkit but the simplest form can be found here

Part Two - Property Profile
As part of the mission planning process, a Church Property Profile should be completed.  This template will help trustees to conduct of thorough evaluation for the potential uses for the property within Methodist ownership.  Once completed, a copy of the Church Property Profile should be sent to the District Property Secretary.  

Further resources:  A step-by-step guide for managing development projects developed by the Church of England called Crossing the Threshold.

Developing Your Vision
Undertaking a Community Audit and Consulting with the Community

Step 2 - Do Your Research

TMCP's Guide to Legal Considerations

Balancing the Need for Change with heritage and Liturgical Considerations – Legalities and the Church Planning Process

Governance – Choosing the Right Organisational Structure

Step 3 - Conduct a Feasibility Study

Developing Your Ideas – Options Appraisals, Feasibility Study, Architect’s Brief and the Design Stages

Planning Your Project

Step 4 - Review and Decide Next Steps

Ensuring Your Project is Sustainable
Developing a Team and Assessing Your Skills and Abilities

Step 5 - Add the Project to the Consents website

Writing a Business Plan
Business Plan Toolkit

Step 6 - Obtain Initial Authorisations


Step 7 - Apply for Planning & Listed Building Permissions


Step 8 - Funding

Raising the Funds

Identifying the Right External Funders

Completing Applications – Selling Your Project to Funders


Step 9 - Obtain Final Consent


Step 10 - Procure a Contractor

Managing the Building Works on Site

Step 11 - Starting the Work

Managing Project Cash Flow


Step 12 - Handover and Celebrate Success




 Resources and Further Information

For further questions specific to Methodist Church buildings, please email the Property Support Officer on  

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