Green Agents of Change

For children and young people passionate about climate justice!

The Children, Youth and Family Team recently hosted our first online gatherings for children and young people in the Methodist Church who are passionate about climate justice.

The aim of these events was to start a conversation that:

  • explores what motivates and inspires children and young people’s involvement in climate justice
  • names and celebrates what children and young people are already doing in the name of climate justice
  • asks children and young people what else they think the Methodist Church should be doing - locally and nationally
  • asks children and young people what they want to be involved in and how they want to be supported or consulted
  • explores with children and young people how their faith and their climate justice work overlaps.

Grace, aged 8, attended the session for 8 - 11 year olds. Read the article she wrote for her church magazine here.

Why not consider submitting your own article about climate justice to your church magazine, newsletter or website? 



If you have any questions about Green Agents of Change or the Catalyst Events, please contact Lynne Norman in the Children, Youth and Family Team.


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