JMA Commissioning Service

What is the JMA Commissioning Service?

The JMA Commissioning Service provides an opportunity to acknowledge the particular contribution of JMA groups and for wider reflection on how we share in God’s mission for the sake of the world.

The service usually takes place during an act of worship. Certificates and badges can be presented to JMA collectors, whilst also acknowledging the work of the JMA secretary and celebrating the work that all their fundraising enables.

Certificates, badges and more copies of this service sheet are available from Methodist Publishing. All items are free.

JMA Commissioning Service 2019

Below, you will find the new Commissioning Service Sheet 2019 and a suggested Order of Service to download as well as other resources to use as part of your service.

The resource pack also includes two Scripture Cards and two Activity Worksheets on the themes of "mission" and "one body, many parts". The colourful and image-driven PowerPoint  also focuses on "Mission Everywhere!" through the words of Jesus and by looking at our two examples of mission, the story-telling garden in Bloxwich and Phakamisa in South Africa.

We have also suggested some hymns that complement the main themes as well as opening, thanksgiving, offering and sending out prayers.

The videos below are available to download (click on the 'Vimeo' icon and then choose 'download') and to be used as an interactive element of your service.


Every year, JMA Ireland groups learn, pray and fundraise for a project in another country. Phakamisa was the project they focused on during 2018. 

If you would have trouble playing them live in your service. Just click on the word "vimeo" in the bottom right corner of the video and click "download" on the page you're taken to.

Feel free to mix and match, using as much or as little as you like! The extra resources are built around the themes of "mission" and "one body, many parts" and are made to complement each other but each sheet can also be used as a stand alone.

You know your church better than we do! We've suggested some things we think are good, but feel free to pick and choose what will work for you!

- Ready to print Service Sheet - 2019  (b&w version) 
Suggested Order of Service (b&w version)

 Extra resources :

- Suggested Hymns   (b&w version)                                                                              - Body Parts Activity Worksheet   (b&w version)
- Suggested Prayers   (b&w version)                                                                            - All One Body Scripture Card   (b&w version)

- Heart for Mission Activity Worksheet   (b&w version)                                  - Let's Get Talking! Points for Discussion   (b&w version)
- Heart for Mission Scripture Card   (b&w version)                                              - Mission for Everywhere! - Powerpoint 


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