Love This Calling was a social media campaign in the spring of 2021 with the purpose of helping us as Methodists to;

  • Build our confidence as we explore our own sense of calling in the time and place we find ourselves.
  • Find our sense of purpose in the lives we live day by day – our context
  • Encourage us to make connections with other people to help them explore their callings
  • Celebrate a range of vocations in gathered and scattered church. 

These pages of the website are an archive of that campaign; please do use the images, the prayers, the quotes, the reflection questions in your life individually and in community.

Use the social media profile frame, and share with your friends what you love about your calling #LoveThisCalling

  Facebook Click on your profile picture - Click Update profile picture - Choose ‘add frame’ - Search Love This Calling - Click Use as profile Picture

Twitter Use this link and follow the on screen instructions


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