We care for ourselves and those around us

Entering into a relationship with God through Christ puts us in a special relationship with other Christians, with whom we become the Body of Christ. By acting in ‘one-anotherness’ we strengthen the Body, learn more about God and display the character of Jesus.

However, ‘one-anotherness’ doesn’t mean that we are to restrict our love and care to those who are Christians.

Far from it.

We are to care for one another so that we might be better able to love

  • our neighbours
  • our family
  • our work colleagues
  • our enemies

This does not mean that we neglect ourselves. We are to love our neighbours as ourselves and look after our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit.

So caring for oneself, resting when we are tired, enjoying things we like doing, getting a good balance of work and leisure is healthy, enabling us to care for others. 

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