We learn more about our faith

The Christian community is a learning community.

We commit to learning “about our faith”. This means learning to be Christian.

Everyday life provides many opportunities to learn from experience. It's good to reflect on our journey together, as this extract by Norma Cook Everist shows:

At Small Grace Church community members continually teach and learn from one another. The couple who usher sometimes invite the children to join them in carrying the communion elements and basket from the food pantry to the altar. Young Cameron, living with muscular dystrophy, took his turn at ushering, manoeuvring his wheelchair with the basket on his lap. A couple married for fifty years, by their presence, taught the young couple struggling to make it through five years of commitment. The organist, as she was battling cancer, taught the entire congregation how to die.


 Of course, learning may also happen through:

  • a study course
  • an Alpha group
  • a Lent programme
  • journalling
  • a retreat or conference
  • Sunday School or Junior Church
  • sermons and talks
  • coaching or being mentored
  • making something
  • pilgrimage
  • experiencing other cultures.

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