We pray daily

John Wesley said that prayer was like breathing. Every second of every day we are in God’s presence.

It’s also good to make spaces in our days to consciously remember this. You might:

  • share the things that are on our hearts and in our lives
  • give thanks and to pray for others
  • and perhaps most important (and most difficult) - be still and listen to God.

You may find that you need some structure in order to pray every day. Some things to try:

  • read Scripture and have Bible notes to help explore the meaning
  • use the daily Bible reflection Word in Time
  • work through the Methodist Prayer Handbook
  • use the Lectio 365 app
  • follow morning and evening prayer in the Methodist Worship Book or a similar daily prayer liturgy, such as those of Corrymeela or the Northumbria Community
  • join in ecumenical prayer initiatives, like Thy Kingdom Come
  • have a pattern of silence, lighting a candle for focus and then waiting on God
  • walk or spend time in their garden talking with God.

None of these is the right or only way. The essential point is spending time with God, as you are, like spending time with a friend.

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