We tell of the love of God

Evangelism is something many Christians find difficult. 

Everyone an Evangelist is a tool from the Methodist Church designed to help us grow in confidence as we authentically and appropriately share our faith with others.

Speaking about God often begins when we talk to other Christians about our faith. This can be encouraged in church by asking someone to tell their faith story in an act of worship. It can also be nurtured in a small group. Once you have begun to talk of God in your own life, it becomes easier and more natural. You become more aware of God at work around you.

Witness works most effectively in relationships we already have. Some people may be able to speak about faith to a total stranger in the supermarket queue or at a bus stop, but for most of us, it is more likely that we will speak of faith to our friends, family or work colleagues. 

Being part of a worshipping, caring community shapes us for the task. God has called the Church to witness to the good news and in the Church we help each other to become more like Christ. As we follow the practices of a Methodist Way of Life we are more able to live in a way that draws people to Jesus.

If we are seen to display hospitality and generosity, challenge injustice and care for our neighbours, this will invite people to think about why Christians do these things. Working together on how to communicate the gospel will also help us, as the Church, to be more fruitful in our evangelism.

Making plans together for outreach, sharing our successes and failings and supporting each other in prayer will ensure we can witness as well as possible. Everyone an Evangelist helps church groups consider the ways they can do this.

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