We share our faith

You get to partner with God.

God involves us in the task of bringing love and restoration.

For we are God’s coworkers, working together; you are God’s field, God’s building.

(1 Corinthians 3:9)


There are lots of ways to share your faith. Sometimes it's fun to join with other people and put on a community event that has a presentation of the good news and space for conversation. Or you can be creative, using crafts to let people know that God loves them.

“The church had been running a fair for 40 years, with declining numbers. No one felt brave enough to cancel it. But one year, the team started doing weekly Lectio Divina sessions. Lectio Divina is a way of praying with the Bible; listening to a section and then sharing anything that jumps out to the readers. This gave them the confidence to say: ‘This is dire, we need to stop and do something different!’

"They cancelled the fair and instead went to three community fairs that were happening in the town. They were intentional in noticing God at the fair, and afterwards they were overflowing with stories! Now, the group partners with a local organisation they met at one of the fairs, doing things together within the community.”

 Pause for thought

What are the signs and stories of hope and good news for you that you could share with others?

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Simple things to try

  1. Using a webpage, coaster or floor map from the Methodist Way of Life resources, take a look at the other 11 stations on the Discipleship Pathways map. Where are there are opportunities to share faith through these practices?
  2. Get involved in planning an event with some friends. For example, you could hold an open day to share how you’re becoming an eco church, explaining why your faith affects your care for the world, and exploring different ways that people in the local community could also help creation to flourish.
  3. Find an opportunity to move a church worship service outdoors.
  4. Share your faith more intentionally on social media, by posting Scripture or hymns and saying why they matter to you, or posting about a spiritual experience.
  5. Safely recruit and train volunteers to offer prayer and pastoral conversations at a summer fete.
  6. Listen to a Taketime meditation based on Matthew 28:16-20: The Great Commission.

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