A poem for Remembrance Sunday

From the President of the Conference the Revd Barbara Glasson


What do we remember today?

The child with the gun

The shell of the house

The crumble of dreams

The breaking of bodies and peace?


The ringing of ears 

The screaming of shot

The shrapnel of brick

The breaking of cover and trust?


The bearing of arms

The bearing of grief

The bearing of news

The breaking of treaties and pacts? 


The braving of stares

The shaking of heads

The silence of days

The breaking of promise and hearts?


The living for peace

The longing to change

The disarming of hate

The breaking of patterns of war?


The piercing of death

The weeping of friends

The anguish of grief

The rising and breaking of  bread?



A Prayer


God of peace and gentleness

we remember with deep sorrow

the fault, fear, and failure 

that repeatedly leads to the forming of enemies,

the escalation of hatred

and to war.


We repent of our complicity in cycles of violence

for colluding with anger

or defaulting to patterns of hostility


We pray,

as we remember those who have

suffered as a result of our forgetfulness

or our inhumanity one to another,

that we may also 

disarm our desire to overpower, capture or vanquish.


Help us to resist peacefully every form of violence

so that we can follow you

in ways of gentleness and justice,

continually resolving to form life-giving relationships,

strengthened by the forgiveness of Jesus

the fearlessness of the Spirit

the transforming love of the Creator.




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