Sunday to Friday prayers

The following prayers, with appropriate Bible passages, have been prepared by Revd Jeff Walker

For Sunday

Bible Passage - John 1:1 - 5, 14

Praying for myself

Loving Father,
it is the first day of the week; but in the story of creation, it is the day on which you rested.
I, a small part of your creation, find it hard to rest, to take time out, to relax.
Help me, Lord, to make time in my busy days for you. To remember that without you I am nothing, and that my sole purpose is to serve and worship you.
Be with me now, at the start, and throughout the whole of the week ahead.
In Jesus' name. Amen

Praying for others

Creator God,
Thank you for the opportunity of being together in prayer.
As we look forward to the week to come, we pray for an awareness of your love and support in all we do.
We are sorry that we only seem to turn to you in the down times of our lives, and forget to thank you for the good times.
There is so much in your world for which we should be grateful and we offer our thanks now.
Be with us, and all who need your loving touch at this time.
Through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Amen

For Monday

Bible Passage - Psalm 90:14-17

Praying for myself

Well, Lord, the week has really started!
I'm back into the routine of things - daily chores, at home, at work, at school.
It's hard to see you in all of this, so I ask that you make your presence known to me.
A kind word or a loving act. The beauty of the world around, or peace through the people I meet.
All these are from you, I know. Help me to be aware of them, and through them, to be aware of you.
In Jesus. Amen

Praying for others

Lord Jesus, be with those whose week never seems to start, because there is no difference for them in the days. Every day is the same.
Lord, we pray for those who have no joy in being able to do something new; for those whose routine is so rigid that anything out of the ordinary is challenging, frightening.
In their routine may they find you. In the care provided by others, may they find your love. In the work done for them may they find your healing hands.
For you are our carer, our healer and our sustainer, and in your name we pray. Amen

For Tuesday

Bible Passage - Matthew 5:43 - 45

Praying for myself

You ask a lot of me, God!
How can I love my enemies? Those who seek to make my life a misery? That's simply too much to ask!
But when Jesus was on the cross he forgave those who had put him there. Can you help me to forgive others?
Is that what you mean, Lord, when you tell us to love our enemies? To have that something in our hearts that enables us to forgive, as you forgave?
I struggle with this, but I think I know what you mean - I can't do it alone, though.
Be with me in this, for Jesus' sake. Amen

Praying for others

So many problems in our human life, Lord, are a result of hatred. Hatred is like a canker eating deep into our very souls.
I pray, Lord, for those who are so bitter that they can't see the good in anyone. Whose lives revolve around being difficult and finding fault in others. Help them, Lord, to understand what that does to others, as well as to themselves.
I could name a few, but you know them already.
Share your love with them, Lord,
In Jesus' name. Amen

For Wednesday

Bible Passage - Leviticus 19:18

Praying for myself

You told us, Lord God, to love our neighbours as much as we love ourselves. But, surely, loving ourselves displays arrogance and self-centredness. Or is that what you were getting at? If only we could put our neighbours in that position of love, then we couldn't love ourselves as much!
O what a loving God you are! To point out our wrong-doing and how to correct it in one sentence.
Remind me, Lord, when I am putting 'me' before others. And especially remind me when I am putting 'me' before you.
In the name of Jesus who put himself totally at the disposal of humankind. Amen

Praying for others

Lord God, I pray for all those I've hurt. Those whom I could have helped, but didn't. There are those in the world that I don't know who have been wronged by my inaction rather than what I've done - I pray that you will take your love where my neglect prevented my love from going.
Reach out to all who need love, and to all who need forgiveness. In the name of the one who died that we might all be forgiven. Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen

For Thursday

Bible Passage - Luke 13:6-9

Praying for myself

When I read a passage like this one, Lord, I feel guilty. Comments on old school reports come into mind - "Could do better". I know I could do better, for when have I borne fruit for you? There are those that say we never know when a comment or a bit of encouragement may have brought someone else closer to you. That we can only sow seeds and that the harvest comes later.

Help me to be patient, Lord, with myself, with others, as well as with you. Help me also to hear your voice when others encourage me, and to spread your love to those whom I meet. For it is in your name that I pray. Amen
Praying for others

Lord Jesus Christ, so many people in this world are prevented from reaching their true potential, whether by being oppressed by others, or by lacking confidence in their own abilities. Reach out to them, Lord, and lift them. Show them that you love and value them for who they are, not what they have, or have not, done.

You were able to use ordinary people like fishermen and bring out the best in them in order to spread your word of love, peace, joy and justice. Be close, now, to the oppressed of this world, those seeking justice, those whose lives are torn apart by wars, those who are being bullied. You are truly our Saviour, and we pray in your name. Amen

For Friday

Bible Passage - Matthew 25:31-40

Praying for myself

There are times, dear Lord, as you well know, when I wonder about my faith.
How can I believe in a God who allows so many evil things to happen in the world. Floods which sweep away all before them. Earthquakes which kill thousands. Countries which war against each other. Those who abduct children for their own perverted ends.
Then I realise that the fault isn't yours - it's ours. We remove the forests which hold the land together. We build in earthquake zones. It is our greed and desire for land and natural resources that drive us to war. It is a few individuals in our society which cannot control themselves and their desires.
O Lord help me in my unbelief! Amen

Praying for others

Compassionate God,
Be with those who need you. The unloved, the friendless, the oppressed, the sick, the dying, the bereaved.
Take your love where we can't, or won't, reach.
Make your Spirit known in the worst places and times, so that all may benefit from the sacrifice that Jesus made for humankind.
It is in his name we pray. Amen 

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