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Prayer of the Day

God beyond all speech, above all thought and surpassing all imagination; when you speak, may we listen; when you draw near, may we rejoice in your presence; when you reveal yourself, may we bow in adoration. Amen.

Gregory of Nazianzus (c.329-390)

God of eternity, you invite us to hold your hand as we deny ourselves, take up the cross and follow Jesus. We thank you that there is a place for us in your heart and that you lead us, day by day, into a new way of living. As we are enfolded in your love, may we discover new ways of forgiving. We praise you for the gifts of peace, joy and love and the promise of living with you for ever, for you alone are the one who can take us there. Amen.*

* Inspired by the lyrics for Somewhere by Stephen Sondheim

Graham Thompson, Plymouth and Exeter District Chair

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