World Day of Prayer

For World Day of Prayer, the Revd Dr Barbara Glasson, President of the Methodist Conference, has written a prayer on the theme of ‘Rise! Take Your Mat and Walk’ :

If I were to lay down

The carpet of my life for you to see

Unfurl it beside this pool

Spread out the pattern’s warp and weft

Lamenting purple, blood red threads

The green of stolen land, 

The hidden azure warp

Of lost water - wells of tears

The silver joyous strands

Of grace and love

These sacraments entwined

Laughing pluck of shocking pink

And all the rub and tuft

Of hard-worn steps

You would understand how the weaver

Made all this tattered beauty

Then I would roll it up and

Leaping to my feet 

We’d dance and whirl together 

Hand in hand

The prayer mats of our lives

Tucked underneath our arms



More information on World Day of Prayer is here.

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