Theology of online life

Day conference on Presence, Communication and Digital Media Technologies  - 13 December 2019

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The following resources are being made available to support those within the church who are reflecting theologically and pastorally about the nature of online life and Christian experience. In particular they are directed towards exploration of uses of communication technologies and social media, with specific reference to current conversations about ‘Holy Communion Mediated Through Social Media’, and to locate the immediate discussion in a broader context. Properly theological work on this subject will depend in part on informed thinking about our relationships with media technologies.

The initial paper (below) has been prepared on behalf of the Faith and Order Committee as part of its commitment to support consultation and reflection in this area, and is followed by a bibliography specifically intended to aid reflection.

Working notes on a theology of online life (Pdf)


Select Bibliography of Resources for Study of Online Communion

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CODEC   A video containing a brief exploration of online communion is available here:

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Other Resources

The United Methodist Church has also been considering the question of 'online communion' and some relevant resources can be found here:



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