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Paintings, Prayers and Carols for Christmas 2020 (NEW)
This online resource comprises eight pictures from the Methodist Modern Art Collection with words from Singing the Faith, the current authorised hymnbook of the Methodist Church of Great Britain. Thanks go to Laurence Wareing, editor of Singing the Faith Plus, for his invaluable assistance.
Like all good Art, the Nativity pictures in the Collection are not just visually attractive. They are often thought provoking and sometimes challenging. The Management Committee of the Collection hope these images and the words that accompany them will enrich your devotions this Christmas.

You can read commentaries on each of the works, prepared by Katharine Farnham-Dear, by browsing the Collection.

An illuminating interpretation of Edward Burra’s ‘The Pool of Bethesda’ by Rev Bruce Thompson, in terms of the influence on the artist of photographs coming out of Bergen-Belsen.  Read it here.

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MMAC news and events

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