29 June 2015

Matthew 16:13-19

“He said to them, ‘But who do you say that I am?’” (v. 15)

Psalm: Psalm 125


The expectation of the Messiah underwrites much of the message of the Gospels. The journey that the writers take us on is one which explores the expectations and the reality. And in many cases we discover that what we expect is not what the reality of Jesus was.

In this passage we find Jesus confronting the question head on: what do you expect? Am I it?

The disciples were ready and willing to drop everything and follow Jesus when he asked and yet they still were dealing with their expectations. These expectations were deep in the Jewish society. It would have formed their upbringing. They would have witnessed many other people who claimed to be the Messiah but who ended up falling short.

Who is Jesus to us? For some of us we come to this question with what other people have told us about who Jesus is as we have discovered faith for the first time. For some of us we have grown up within the Jesus story, whether this is because of our family upbringing or because of our social upbringing like the school we go to.

But it is at this point that we need to remember that we should never stop asking ourselves who we think Jesus is. As society presents competing pictures, from films, television or public debate, our concept of Jesus is constantly under pressure.

So who do you say the Son of Man is?

To Ponder

  • How do you answer the question that Jesus gave his disciples?
  • Think through when you have been told something and it turned out to be something different. How did you respond?
  • How can you share the question (Who is Jesus?) with others?

Bible notes author

Jayson Cox-Darling

Jayson grew up in the centre of Australia, surrounded by red sand and iron rich hills. In 1998 he moved from Alice Springs to Adelaide and studied a Bachelor of Ministries at the Bible College of South Australia.

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