ArtServe is a movement of people discovering and reflecting God’s creative gifts shared among us, so that God is known more fully and lives are transformed.

ArtServe runs an annual festival weekend as well as one-day events designed to bring people together at a more local level. It publishes a members' magazine as well as an email newletter which anyone can receive.

Having started as an initiative of the former Methodist Church Music Society, ArtServe has very strong Methodist links, but is now an independent ecumenical charity.

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The Worship Cloud

Sharing resources for the good of all

The Worship Cloud is a website (formerly The Seed), originally founded with support from the Methodist Church, which allows people who produce PowerPoints, mini-movies, music, written word and images to sell and share their work quickly and easily at no cost to themselves.

For a small fee, others will be able to download material for projection, magazines, posters etc, without having to worry about any copyright restrictions. The originator will earn royalties, and 10% of profits will go to charity.

There is a vast wealth of resources sitting on people's computers that could be of great value to the whole Church. The Seed aims to build a vast and accessible online library, improving the quality of resources for worship, event publicity, and otherwise spreading the message of God.

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Singing the Faith Plus

Singing the Faith is the new hymn collection authorised by the Methodist Conference in 2010. It reflects the distinctive voice of Methodist worship today, in all its diversity, by achieving a careful balance between the classic and the contemporary.  

The collection is now available in three printed editions; music, words and large print words. An electronic words edition has also been published. The book can be purchased from  Methodist Publishing.

It is supported by the Singing the Faith Plus website where you can find unique indexes and suggestions to help you choose the right hymns and songs, share your own music, words and opinions, get to know other writer and musicians and explore new material.

For all the latest information visit

You can also sign up to the Singing the Faith Plus email list  to informed of the latest news and resources.

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