Aldersgate Sunday

In the Methodist Church calendar, Aldersgate Sunday is the Sunday nearest to 24 May (traditionally known as 'Wesley Day') or the Sunday before it.

It commemorates a life-changing moment in the Christian journey of John Wesley, the most prominent of the founders of Methodism.

Faith is a work of God in us, which … makes us completely different people in heart, mind, senses, and all our powers…

(Extract from Martin Luther’s Preface to the Letter of St Paul to the Romans (1552), translated by Bro Andrew Thornton © 1983 St Anselm Abbey)

Aldersgate Sunday is a great opportunity to celebrate the work of God in our lives, and to reflect on how we should respond to everything that God has given us.

In May 1738, John unwillingly attended worship at a Moravian ‘Religious Society’ meeting on Aldersgate Street in London. It was during this service that he felt his "heart strangely warmed", as he experienced God's love in a most personal and life-giving way. Until then he had known God in his mind, but not in his heart. Now he understood the value of a personal experience of God that would bring assurance of salvation to the believer.

For hymns for Aldersgate Sunday see Singing the Faith Plus

Feast of Faith resources

To commemorate Aldersgate Sunday, we invite you to plan a Feast of Faith. 

In the context of a joyful sharing of food, and inspired by John Wesley's 'Aldersgate' experience, encourage your church members to talk about how their experiences of God's love and grace have changed their lives or are inspiring mission in your church or community.

For you and every member of your church, Feast of Faith should be about:

  • your relationship with God
  • your story
  • your thankful response to the call to live generously.

Having shared your faith stories, how might your congregation respond to the work of God in their lives: how we can each live more generously?

Organiser's pack

Download everything you need to hold your very own Feast of Faith here:


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