Resourcing local arrangements

Traditionally there have been a number of services written by Methodist local preachers and ministers which are made available for use in particular situations in local churches. A few of these services are reproduced here for those who wish to use them.

All downloads are in Pdf format

Don't Panic!! The step-by-step guide to local arrangements


Thy Kingdom Come - A Methodist Service. A service to held during the global movement of prayer or at any other time of the year.

Lighten our darkness. A service for January / February 
Give Thanks. A service for Summer 
Who do you think you are? The story of God's people in the Old Testament 
Starting Again. A post-Easter service 
These services were contributed by Christine Odell.

Faith in Crisis. How to we hold on to faith in times of crisis?

Storms and Picnics - as series of services focusing on the 6th Chapter of John's Gospel and using images from the Methodist Modern Art Collection

Introduction to Storms and Picnics

Congregation prayer and hymn sheet (to be used each week)

Week 1    Order of service    Sermon    Image 
Week 2   Order of service    Sermon    Image 
Week 3   Order of service    Sermon    Image 
Week 4   Order of service    Sermon    Image 
Week 5   Order of service    Sermon    Image 
Week 6   Order of service    Sermon    Image

The Vine

The Vine resources are fully-scripted Local Arrangement services available every Sunday, edited by Tim Baker and developed by Twelve Baskets. Find out how your circuit can subscribe to these resources here:



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