Singing the Faith: 760 (CD31 #11)
Xhosa (South African) from The Lord's Prayer
“Mayenziwe” trad South African as taught by George Mxadana transcribed John L. Bell

Further information

The English meaning of the words is: "Your will be done on earth, O Lord". The text may be sung to the English words but the use of the original words is encouraged.

We are grateful to the Revd Jill Marsh, who has passed on to us additional English verses for this song, with the permission of their author, the Revd Eric Lott. Eric's three additional verses allow the possibility of singing more of the Lord's Prayer to this African tune.

Your will be done on earth, O Lord (x2)
Your kingdom come on earth, O Lord (x3)

Give us each day our bread, O Lord (x2)
Forgive our sins each day, O Lord (x3)

Lead not to trials beyond our strength (x2)
Deliver us from evil power (x3)

The kingdom, power and glory, Lord (x2)
Are yours for evermore. Amen (x3)

Jill writes: "I've found it so helpful to be able to use the whole Lord's Prayer in this way over the years, and congregations have loved singing in harmony and often ululating too. . . when people do that either naturally or learn alongside African brothers and sisters in Christ."