Recent additions to StF+

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When life is shaken to its core

“When life is shaken to its coret” by Andrew Brown New on 19 March 2020 – a hymn for when we feel vulnerable, and revised in light of the Coronavirus pandemic see details


Jesus, you ask that we forgive

“Jesus, you ask that we forgive” by Andrew Brown New on 29 May 2019 – facing the challenge when we feel unable to forgive others see details


We pray for healing and for health

“We pray for healing and for health” by Andrew Brown New on 16 May 2019 – praying for wholeness in many contexts, and re-asserting God’s restorative nature see details



“Eternity” (“When a seed, only small”) by Kimberley Rayson New on 28 March 2019 – an imaginative reflection on Jesus’ parable of the mustard seed see details


This week

“This week” by Anne J. Sardeson New on 27 March 2019 – the journey from Palm Sunday to Calvary see details