Candles we light upon the Advent Ring,
proclaiming Jesus Christ our coming King.

(Advent 1)

1. Firm is your promise: now from fear released
we're gathered in to your salvation feast!

(Advent 2)

2. Prophets you send to help us hear your call
and bring your blessing: justice, peace for all!

(Advent 3)

3. To every age the herald's voice rings clear:
“Prepare the way, God's mercy now draws near!”

(Advent 4)

4. Bearers together of your living Word,
let every soul now magnify the Lord!

(Christmas Day)

5. Christmas is here! The Light of Christ has come
into our world: good news for everyone!

Words: Dominic Grant © November 2012

Metre: 10.10 with refrain

Suggested tune: “Crucifer” (StF 276)

On Advent Sunday only the first verse is sung (with the Refrain before and after); a verse is added each Sunday through Advent, and verse 5 is added on Christmas Day.

More information

In this hymn, Dominic Grant follows a standard Advent sequence (God’s promise; the prophets; John the Baptist; Mary; Christmas Day). At the same time he has endeavoured to accommodate a particular preaching series planned for his church during the first three Sundays of Advent 2012. This reflects on important Advent themes echoed in the lives of three women whose stories are told in the Hebrew scriptures:

Esther (salvation)
Hannah (blessing)
Ruth (mercy)

Additionally, Dominic notes that the reference in verse 1 to “salvation feast” is particularly apt for those churches (such as his) which will be celebrating Communion on Advent Sunday.

Note from author:
Feel free to reprint this hymn for one-off, or occasional, non-profit use. Please let me know if you do so (revdsgrant@gmail.com), and remember to credit the author!