1. Got a race to run,
I'm gonna run it with Jesus.
Give first place to him:
That's the way I know I’ll win.


Keep on running,
Keep on running,
Keep on running for Jesus.
Keep on loving,
Keep on serving,
Keeping my faith in Him.
Keep on praying,
Keep on praising,
Every day of training
Is gonna bring me closer to God and to my Gold.

2. On the way I know
I'm gonna meet a few hurdles;
With Christ at my side
I can clear them every time.

Repeat chorus

3. Got to work real hard,
I want to go the full distance.
Focus on the prize:
Take that place in Paradise.*

Repeat chorus

Words and music: Paul Thompson

Tune: Got a race to run

Download Paul Thompson’s “upbeat rockabilly boogie” tune as a PDF. And listen to it here:


* For some on the StF+ Resource group, Paul's use of the term "Paradise" seemed inappropriate for use with younger children. The following phrase is offered as an alternative to the last line of verse 3: “run with Jesus in my life” (with a greater emphasis on our life here and now).