Lead us God to the mountain where you reign on high,
where the cloud of your presence will fill our skies;
where your law and your love will give us life,
lead us God to your mountain high.


Lead us God on our journey home,
where you welcome the broken ones;
where your love is our banner song,
lead us God on your journey home.

Lead us God in the desert by your holy light,
with your cloud through the day and your fire by night;
where we’ll carry each other o’er the trials of life,
lead us God by your holy light.


Lead us God to the river that will wash us clean,
where your Spirit will fill us and set us free;
where we’re bound with each other in that holy stream,
lead us God to your river deep.


Words: © Caleb Dinger and Charley Hubbs

Music: © Caleb Dinger and Charley Hubbs. Download as a PDF

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As in River (website only), Caleb Dinger draws on language that speaks of its gospel/country music heritage and adds something new for Singing the Faith Plus. The words also reference biblical stories and events. In particular, verse 1 alludes to Jesus' transfiguration, an event that very few other hymns in Singing the Faith speak about directly. (See Singing the Faith #259-261, together with Vince Gilbert's hymn Who is this, whose face shines brighter, website only)



Caleb Dinger

Caleb Dinger brings to Singing the Faith Plus a different style of worship music, blending gospel and country music influences. His songs certainly have a distinctively North American feel. Especially if this kind of music is new to you, it’s worth checking out Caleb’s website and listening to examples of his music in performance, including Lead us God

Caleb is a native of Brookville, Pennsylvania, but in 2013 moved to Nashville, Tennessee, the world capital of country music. Here he studied piano at Trevecca Nazarene University and was also hired as music director of Crievewood United Methodist Church. In addition to his church leadership position Caleb is a guest pianist with several bands in the Nashville area, a piano teacher, and a collaborative accompanist. He has performed with some of Nashville's best country musicians at the Nashville Cowboy Church, and his music was aired on Nashville's historic WSM Radio in November of 2016.

Having recorded his first album, Counting Stars, while still at high school, he continues to record country and Christian music – as he says “musically bridging the gap between genres with the desire to share the Gospel of Christ to all ages”. Also see River (website only).