1. We have one father
Who made the universe,
He made the egg and chicken
And he knows which came first.
He gave us everything we have
His love for us is clear:
He even gave his only son
And that is why we cheer!


One, two, three for you and me,
Jesus lives and sets us free!
One, two, three for everyone;
Spread the good news,
Share what God has done!

2. We have one hero,
And Jesus is the man.
He came to help and save us,
‘Cause that was in God’s plan.
He died upon the cross but then
He rose on the third day.
He lives and gives new life to all
And that is why we say:

Repeat chorus

3. We have one spirit
To guide us on our way,
And help us with our choices:
Just listen when you pray.
He’s part of God and with Jesus
They’re one and yet they’re three.
They love and guide and save us all,
They’re called the Trinity.

Repeat chorus

4. We have one challenge,
However big or small:
To share the news of Jesus
And for our God stand tall.
Let all we do and say each day
Shout out what he has done.
Our three-in-one loves everyone,
The father, spirit, son.

Repeat chorus

Words and music © Paul Thompson, 2011

Download words and music as a PDF. And listen to it here: