1. Praise the Lord for His Creation:
lift your eyes and see
all the mighty wonders
of the earth and sky and sea.

Colours of the rainbow vivid,
trees and fruits so fine.
Ev'rywhere is life abundant,
tapestry divine.
We thank you Lord for ev'rything.

2. Praise the Lord for His Creation:
listen well and hear
sounds of nature echo
to the Maker's footsteps near.

Birdsong and lap of water,
spirit of the breeze.
Let us fear to take for granted
any one of these.
We thank you Lord for ev'rything.

3. Praise the Lord for His creation:
sing it with your heart.
Bread of life enabling -
everybody play their part.

Different people, different cultures,
diverse but as one,
sustaining love eternal,
refreshing rain and sun.
We thank you Lord for ev'rything.

Words and music: © Mike Dando, 2009

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Download words and music as Word doc. (page 2) OR as a PDF

Ideas for use

Though written originally for a harvest celebration, clearly this is a song that can be used at many times of the year. With its appealing and accessible melody, “Praise the Lord for his creation” has the potential to become popular – and not just with younger people.

As Mike suggests (below), his words make a helpful starting place for prayers of praise and thanksgiving or as an inspiration for prayers for our world and natural creation. The reference to "Bread of life" (final verse) also suggests a link to the celebration of communion.

More information

“Praise the Lord for his Creation” was Mike Dando’s first attempt at writing a worship song, and he adds that this kind of writing has definitely put him on a “learning curve”.

The song came about when Mike was approached “one sunny day in August 2009” and asked if he would like to assist with the Harvest celebrations at his home church, Central Methodist Church in Kettering. He says: “I immediately had the idea of writing a song for the occasion and came up with most of the tune within half an hour!” The words duly followed, perhaps inspired in part by that sunny day as well as the harvest theme.

The song has since been performed at churches in Sandringham and Castle Rising in Norfolk. On one of those occasions, the preacher leading the service also used the text as a basis for the prayers to end the service – “which was a nice touch”, says Mike.

Mike is a keyboard and trumpet player who plays for several churches in the Ketting area and at various forms of worship. He teaches piano and is also the musical director for two local pantomime groups.