1 When the Temple veil was rent
and the earth shook violently,
people questioned what it meant:
Where was their security?
Were they not a favoured race?
Why, then, this disastrous loss?
Where was God when this took place?
Lifeless on Good Friday’s cross?

2 When Cathedral bells‚ no more
ringing out across the sky‚
sit, abandoned on the floor,
where the piles of rubble lie —
in their trauma and their doubt,
people question, weep and wail,
seeing dreams turned inside out,
shattered, as the Temple veil.

3 When sad exiles, on the move,
have the need to leave behind
buildings they have learned to love‚
what new shelter will they find?
What is left for them to bring‚
homes, possessions, churches gone?
What will be the songs they sing
in their alien Babylon?


4 See the earth‚ on Easter Day‚
trembles, quivering with praise!
See the stone is rolled away;
gone the former anxious days!
See fresh hope and courage found;
see a healing of the pain.
See, on ravaged Christchurch ground,
this brave city rise again!

Words: © Norman J Goreham (CCLI Song # 5902978)

Metre: 77.77.D

Suggested tune: Aberystwyth (StF 355 i; H&P 528 i)

Scripture sources of inspiration: Matthew 27: 51, Psalm 137: 4. Matthew 28: 2

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