For general guidance and resources for the coronavirus pandemic please see 

Service sheets for use at home
Live-streamed services
Doing your own live-streaming
Resources for personal prayer and Bible study
A Methodist Love Feast, adapted for online use
A virtual Church choir 
Additional selected resources
Downloadable posters

Service Sheets

These short acts of worship have been produced for you if you are unable to attend church.  If you are well enough why not spend a few moments with God, knowing that other people are sharing this act of worship with you?

If you have members of your church or community who aren’t online, you might want to consider printing the services sheets and other resources from our website and posting them on. You can buy stamps online. Royal Mail has advice on its service during the pandemic if you have any questions or concerns:

Worship from home service sheet for Sunday 5 April - Palm Sunday (Pdf version)
Worship from home service sheet for Sunday 5 April - Palm Sunday (Word doc)

Worship from home service sheet for Sunday 12 April - Easter Day (Pdf version)
Worship from home service sheet for Sunday 12 April - Easter Day (Word doc)

If you are willing to draft a similar act of worship please email Gabriella Mahadeva who will send you guidelines and allocate you a particular Sunday.

See additional selected resources below


During the pandemic ROOTS is offering free resources to use at home every week on the ROOTS website. See


Live-streamed services

Worship services

In an attempt to protect people from the coronavirus we have asked people not to travel to churches to pre-record or live-stream worship. You can of course live stream from your home, but in order to prevent an overload of resources and to keep the quality of the Connexional offer at its highest level we'd ask you to focus on midweek and evening offers. We hope the four options below will offer some breadth from our tradition.

We are working in collaboration with:

Wesley's Chapel London who will live-stream from the chapel (the Minister lives on the premises)

Sundays 11am 


Swan Bank Methodist Church in Burslem, this worship will be studio based – with strict distancing rules being followed

Sundays 10:30 and


Methodist Central Hall Westminster

Sundays 11.00 


Sthie ('At home')

To join in a very different worship experience, try Sthie ('At home') from the Isle of Man (see image of Peel Hill, right, by Andy Fishburne). Join in live on Sundays by joining a Facebook group. For details see 

You can watch previous live-streamed videos at



Morning Prayers

09:00 Monday-Friday - from Wesley House Cambridge:  
Resources for following the prayers and readings are available at: 


10:00 Monday-Friday - from Wesley’s Chapel London: 

Information about doing your own live-streaming and sharing resources

Words of hymns and songs are copyrighted, but CCLI provides a licence that covers photocopying/sending music and lyrics digitally called the Music Reproduction Licence. It can be purchased separately, but it’s normally an add-on to their standard Church Copyright Licence. The details are here:

Please note: There is a commonly held idea that as long as the musician/writer has been dead for 70 years, the music is in the public domain. While this is true, a recording of that music may be much newer and so still covered by copyright laws.


NB: Any live-streaming should comply with the present requirement that we are not meeting in groups, and we are not to use church buildings.

In order to prevent an overload of resources and to keep the quality of the Connexional offer at its highest level we'd ask you to focus on midweek and evening offers. Sunday worship live-streams are available above.

Our latest understanding is that a church wishing to sing and play live music on a live or pre-recorded video on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram is able to do so without applying for a licence as it is covered by the platform. The video is required to be ‘unbranded’.

The Church of England has produced a comprehensive guide to livestreaming.

Also see our own Methodist suggestions for making livestreaming more interactive, and other ways of meeting up online.

In addition, CCLI  covers recording services and putting them up online afterwards.

An alternative option is to stream the speaking part of your service, and send the congregation the hymns/songs beforehand to listen to themselves using StF+ or Youtube links.


Resources for personal prayer and Bible study

From the Methodist Church in Britain

Daily Prayers from the Methodist Prayer Handbook

A Word in Time daily Bible Study 

Take Time produced by Reigate Methodist Church has many themed meditations on topics such as anxiety

Other Resources

Pray As You Go are producing a daily retreat for people socially isolating: 


A Methodist Love Feast

Here’s a way we can connect with each other by connecting with an old Methodist tradition.  The Faith and Order Committee has produced a Methodist Love Feast resource, alongside guidance on how it can be adapted for online use at the time of coronavirus.


A Virtual Church Choir

The National Methodist Choir want to provide all singers from all denominations, and all corners of the globe, an opportunity to come together and worship God with our voices.

See for details of how to get involved.


Additional worship resources

From Andrew Brown, a hymn for when we feel vulnerable - revised in light of the Coronavirus pandemic: When life is shaken to its core (StF+ website only)

A new-look set of lectionary suggestions for Holy Week, designed to support personal reflection as well as planning worship: Holy Week - a Singing the Faith introduction.

Alternative hymns and songs for worship "that you probably haven't heard of") at resound

Prolific Methodist hymn writer Andrew Pratt has written two responses to the Coronavirus pandemic, "This sudden Sabbath gives us pause" and "The care of all we seek or see". You can find them on Andrew's blog at 

Our friends at Family Friendly Churches are offering, free of charge, weekly prayers, address and a couple of hymns as videos (with words and music) for use within the home.  These can be found at:

The Worship Cloud are producing a free weekly sheet as well as making our Local Arrangement services freely available:


Posters to display outside your church or home


Poster to advertise that there will be no public worship, and let people know where they can see live-streamed services.

Text of poster

There will be no act of public worship here today.
For worship from home and live-streamed services, go to:
Find us online at [space for you to write in your website or Facebook page details]
"Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid"  John 14:27 (NRSV)

Download poster 1 (Editable Pdf)


Alternative posters (only available for printing out)

Poster 2

Text of poster

Jesus said, "Don not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid" John 14:27 (NRSV)

Download poster 2 (Pdf)




Poster 4

Text of Poster

"The best of all is, God is with us" Attributed to John Wesley

Download poster 3 (Pdf)




Poster 5

Text of poster

Be assured the Methodist people are praying for the world at this time.

Download poster 4 (Pdf)