Here are a range of resources that you can use at home during the season of Pentectost. We have tried to offer a good range of resources so please do look through and see which ones will suit you best. For worship resources for use at any time see Worship during the coronavirus pandemic.

Selected live-streamed services for Pentecost

Wesley's Chapel London 

Pentecost Sunday

Check for which services are being streamed

Also available at 

Swan Bank Methodist Church

Pentecost Sunday  10.30am and

Methodist Central Hall Westminster

Pentecost Sunday 11.00 livestream at 


 Sthie ('At home')

To join in a very different worship experience, try Sthie ('At home') from the Isle of Man (see image of Peel Hill, right, by Andy Fishburne). Join in live on Sundays by joining a Facebook group. For details see 

You can watch previous live-streamed videos at


Worship from home service sheet for Pentecost


This specially created short act of worship have been produced as we are unable to attend church physically.  If you are well enough why not spend a few moments with God, knowing that other people are sharing this act of worship with you?

If you have members of your church or community who aren’t online, you might want to consider printing the services sheets and other resources from our website and posting them on. You can buy stamps online. Royal Mail has advice on its service during the pandemic if you have any questions or concerns:

If you are printing and distributing these Acts of Worship please add your church's CCLi number and add the songs to your annual report.

Worship from home service sheet for Pentecost (PDF version)
Worship from home service sheet for Pentecost (Word doc)
LARGE PRINT VERSION Worship from home service sheet for Pentecost (PDF version)


A prayer for Pentecost


A prayer with responses, inspired by  hymns in Singing the Faith and elsewhere.

As well as referring to the Pentecost story told in Acts 2: 1-21, the prayer draws upon a number of hymns by contemporary writers.






A Living Pentecost (new hymn)

"Streets are filled with many people". . . a new hymn by Clare Stainsby and Raj Bharath Patta - Methodist ministers serving in the Manchester and Stockport Distirct.

With its striking contemporary language, Clare and Raj's hymn not only captures a sense of the air of celebration in which the Pentecost events took place, but challenges and refreshes our understanding of this familiar Christian story.


Other Pentecost resources

Thy Kingdom Come is "a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray for more people to come to know Jesus". It runs between Ascension Day (21 May) and Pentecost.  A range of resources for prayer are available at

Touching the wind is Singing the Faith's own reflection on the ways in which we describe the Holy Spirit in our hymns.

Don't forget Roots online, which is currently providing family-friendly worship-at-home resources every week.