CD booklet – the details for the complete CD set is available to download here as a PDF

The complete 33-CD set is selling for £132.00 (incl. VAT) plus £6.00 p&p. Includes CD of complete midi files.

The recording initiative, undertaken by a team at Methodist Central Hall, Coventry, has delivered a complete set of backing tracks for every hymn in Singing the Faith. Recorded on piano by the Central Hall organist, and Birmingham Conservatoire graduate, Alex Norman, the project has been supervised by Paul Wood and Ian Worsfold, both members of the resources group responsible for the compilation of Singing the Faith.

The CDs are absolutely great. I can certainly recommend them and have no doubt that they will make a huge difference to churches across the country who, like us, would otherwise not be able to make full use of Singing the Faith. Thank you!

Julie Maxon, Shap Methodist Church, Cumbria

Play sample tracks here (MP3 files):

StF 123 Come, you thankful people, come (4 verses, 2’43″)
StF 178 Long ago, prophets knew (4 verses, 2’52″)
StF 547 Beyond these walls of worship (3 verses, 2’35″)
StF 763 Our Father in heaven (Worsfold) (1 verse, 1’40″)

- or as midi files:

StF 123 Come, you thankful people (4 verses, 2’43″)
StF 178 Long ago prophets knew (4 verses, 2’52″)
StF 547 Beyond these walls (3 verses, 2’35″)
StF 763 Our Father in heaven (Worsfold) (1 verse, 1’40″)

The recording sessions are all of live performances, each one played with a feeling for the words – and allowing singers space to breathe! Where alternative tunes are suggested in Singing the Faith, these are played in the sequence printed in the book, eliminating the need to search for tunes or tailor a tune to a different number of verses.

Amendment to CD 24. An error at the printers means that the listing of tracks on the sleeve for CD 24 is incorrect. Download the correct listing as a PDF here.

The kingdom of God is justice and joy (StF 255) The alternative tune to this hymn is “Paderborn”, which is only available on the Piano Accompaniment CDs in its two-verse version. You can download it as a four-verse midi file for this hymn here.

The complete set of Piano Accompaniment CDs comprises 33 CDs, including one disc containing all the tunes as midi files – allowing the user maximum flexibility in how the resource is used. The complete set complies with all copyright requirements.