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How do I submit my new hymns for consideration by StF+?

Can I reproduce the material from this website?

What about copyright ?

What does Singing the Faith contain?

The collection contains 748 hymns and songs and 42 liturgical settings (e.g. of the Kyrie, the Sanctus and the Lord’s Prayer as well as material from the Taizé and Iona traditions). There are also 50 canticles and psalms. (These are the same as those in Hymns & Psalms.) The psalms have been selected on the basis of their use within liturgy and the lectionary. The canticles and psalms are not set to music but contain suggestions for responsive reading.

For more information, download a PowerPoint presentation, Get to Know Singing the Faith (rev. 2019).

Where can I find any corrections that have been made in later printings?

As new impressions of the book are printed, corrections are incorporated. You can find the most up to date list of corrections on our Book Corrections page. Corrections are also noted in the information about individual hymns on this website.

What happened to ‘w’ in the index?

The First Lines index of the earliest copies of Singing the Faith (music edition) is missing its last section , which  includes some of the ‘W’s and the ‘Y’s. This is not an issue in the words edition of the book or in later music copies.

The publishers apologised for this error. An erratum slip is available from Norwich Books & Music on 01603 785925. It has an adhesive back and will fit on to the existing last page. It can also be downloaded here if you don’t mind inserting the page yourself.

Are there cross-reference lists to other hymn and worship books?

We have placed lists on the site that cross-reference hymns in Singing the Faith with its predecessor, Hymns & Psalms. See the Find hymns and songs page.

Why were changes made to older hymns and songs?

Broadly speaking, four principles were applied both to new material as well as to old:

  • Where it could be sensitively done in relation to the context and style of the hymn, gender exclusive language with reference to people has been replaced (in unison with other collections where possible).
  • “Thee” and “thou” have been replaced where the usage is not rhyme-dependant and where such a change does not damage the overall quality of the hymn.
  • Where an author has produced a revised or definitive version of a text that is still in copyright this has been used. (See, for example, notes to There's a spirit in the air, StF 398.)
  • Translations of non-English language hymns and songs have been provided.

Read, also, the criteria for selecting new material (agreed by the 2009 Conference) included in the introduction to both the Words and Music editions.

What has been done to ensure the book reflects Methodist values?

Authorised texts such as Singing the Faith are those that have “undergone the scrutiny of the whole Church, through the Methodist Conference and its Faith & Order Committee, and are thus authorised by the Conference as the normative texts of the Methodist Church in Britain. These texts express the corporate doctrinal and liturgical mind of the Conference.” (Methodist Conference 2008) The fact that Singing the Faith is "authorised by the British Methodsit Conference indicates that its content is consistent with our Methodist doctrine.

This scrutiny process relates both to the complete collection and also to specific texts; not that each specific text must represent the corporate doctrinal and liturgical mind of the Conference, but that each text contributes appropriately to the whole collection.