Useful Powerpoints

These PowerPoint files are all free to use in worship or other church contexts.

Physical copies of many of these resources are also available from Methodist Publishing. Please visit or call 0845 017 8220 for more information.


For your notices


Our Calling Power Point

Methodist Church blank template Power Point



'A Gift of' series

A Gift of Remembrance PowerPoint (Ppt) 

A Gift of Peace PowerPoint (Ppt) 

A Gift of Christmas

2016  (Pptx)

2015  (Ppt)

2014 (Ppt)

A Gift of Easter

2015 (Pptx)

2013 (PPtx)

2011 (Ppt)

In your pocket

Christmas in your pocket, Grace in your pocket, Hope in your pocket, Joy in your pocket, Prayer in your pocket and Peace in your pocket have been adapted for use with a projector during worship. Please feel free to adapt these files to your own needs. Images may not be used for other purposes.

Christmas in Your Pocket (Ppt)

Grace in Your Pocket (Ppt)

Hope in Your Pocket (Ppt

Joy in Your Pocket (Ppt)

Prayer in Your Pocket (Ppt)

Peace in Your Pocket (Ppt)


Glimpses of...

Glimpses of Glory (Ppt) (ePub)

Glimpses of the Word (Ppt) (doc)


Further Resources

More PowerPoint presentations are available at:

Also, images, music, video, prayers, liturgies, drama. The Worship Cloud (formerly 12 Baskets and Seed Resources) was originally founded with support from the Methodist Church.

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