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Find an explanation of the aims and principles of 365 here 

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Role of the local church and a Group Leader

  • Local churches will be asked to sign-up to demonstrate their active commitment to 365, helping to paint a picture of how many are on the 365 journey together. This means that local churches will be intentional in making time and space to be in conversation and action with children and young people in response to their prophetic voice.Every district will be asked to appoint a District Ambassador, who will support local churches and advocate for the aims of 365 through:promoting 365 and encouraging local churches to become involved in their own context
  • facilitating district events
  • encouraging children and young people to participate in satellite groups (planning groups for 3Generate) to increase their engagement in the design and facilitation of 3Generate, the children and youth assembly.

It’s a fantastic voyage of discovery as we set out on this journey together! We hope to support and encourage you as group leaders, in your role and ministry with children and young people, knowing that we are not alone: “The best of all is, God is with us!”

NB: Please be aware that if group leaders choose not to be contacted via email on Dotmailer (used for Group Leader Newsletters and Updates) or via their account on iKnow Church, then it is their responsibility to ensure they are checking the web pages and social media posts for the latest information. The emails sent from these systems are for the purpose of informing Group Leaders about 3Generate, which is what leaders agree to when signing up (we do not use these for marketing). 

What’s on offer for Group Leaders


The 365 Toolbox is the place for group leaders to find everything they need to take their children and young people on the 365 journey. This includes learning and development opportunities for leaders themselves, session plans, Bible studies and activities to run with your group and other helpful suggestions and advice. The Toolbox is supported by a number of specially-designed webinars, available to 'watch again' on The Well Learning Hub YouTube channel, as well as other coaching and equipping events hosted by the Children, Youth and Family Team.


number of webinars are offered by the Children, Youth and Family Team that Group Leaders are encouraged to either attend or watch on catch-up via The Well Learning Hub YouTube Channel

Group Leader Newsletter

If you register as a group leader you will be sent regular Newsletters with updates on 365 and how to get involved.

What’s on offer for Children and Young People

3Generate App

Children and young people will be encouraged to download the 3Generate App, which will give them access to: voting in the Youth President/rep elections, news updates, sharing their voice, prayers, quizzes, polls and stories. For those who can’t access the app, there are web page alternatives.


Youth president & rep voting

Voting for the Youth President took place from 21 November - 21 December 2020. Voting for Youth Reps took place from 21 November - 14 December 2020. Voting was open to all 8-23 year-olds of the Methodist Church who were registered - they were allocated a code allowing access to vote on the App or via the website.

How to register 

You must sign up as a group in order for Group Leaders (or parent/carers when there isn't a group leader) to be kept up-to-date with 3Generate.

  • Groups can sign up to 365 at this link. 
  • Those aged 18-23 can be registered by a group leader or church leader (to keep in touch with 365) but they can also register themselves.

Zoom Guidance

We will be using Zoom as the platform for virtual meetings, such as ‘Tune In' gatherings. For support with this we have created a suite of pages that offer some pointers on using Zoom, safeguarding considerations and a step by step guide for setting up your online meeting – including seeking parental permission. Children and young people under the age of 16 will need permission and access to zoom through their parent/carer(s).  

Shaping the 3Generate 2021 event

Each group will have the opportunity to feed into the 2021 planning process. This year, the 3Generate 2021 event is being planned by ‘Satellite Groups’; these are made up of individuals from across the Methodist Connexion who have a focus on planning a particular area or venue. We would like each 365 Group to have a group leader representative attend Satellite Group meetings and to get feedback from their groups’ young people to feed into the planning. Once you complete the necessary registration process to be a 365 Group, you will be contacted about this opportunity.

Contact us 

General enquiries:   3Generate@methodistchurch.org.uk

Groups:   3gengroups@methodistchurch.org.uk

Volunteers:  3genvols@methodistchurch.org.uk

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