3Generate 2020: 30 October - 1 November 2020, Birmingham NEC

Current Information

Greetings from Children Youth and Family Team. This is an update on where we are at with planning 3Generate 2020. We will keep this notice up to date over the coming weeks.

3Generate is planned to take place 30th October to 1st November 2020 at the NEC Birmingham. Currently, we are hoping that this will take us beyond the present restrictions and will be able to go ahead. We hope that you will join us in preparing for this year’s 3Generate.

We have now launched our volunteer page, find out more information here about applying for a 2020 role. We have a good number of volunteers who have already said that they will return this year and we want to build on the existing team as well as encourage new volunteers.

We will open Group Registration on 29th April. This will be a chance for Groups to register that they are coming to 3Generate 2020 – this is really important to us as a team, as it will help us with the planning that we need to do. You do not have to pay for tickets at this point simply register your group and potential numbers.

We will start selling tickets for 3Generate 2020 on 3rd June onwards.

These timescales may change and will be updated in line with the Government’s advice.

With best wishes,

Children, Youth and Family - Mission Team

What is 3Generate?

3Generate is an action-packed and inspiring weekend, primarily designed to hear the voice of children and young people across the Methodist Church. It focuses on faith, friends and fun. To see what happens, visit our YouTube channel 3GenerateTV

 What do we mean by hearing the voice? Throughout the 3Generate weekend we seek to discover the thoughts and opinions of children and young people, on a variety of subjects and in a variety of ways. Click here to see an illustration of how we hear the voice of delegates at 3Generate.

 Our Youth President for 2019-2020, Thelma Commey, has her own theme for the year. This is #JesusLovesAll. Thelma was excited about celebrating the unconditional love of God with those who attended 3Generate 2019, and reflected together on how we share that love with others. 

 Preparing for 3Generate 2020

 The 3Generate App is now available from Apple and Android Stores. Download it now, ready for 2020.

Button linking to Manifesto page 

The 2020Manifesto was shaped by the views and opinions of the 1,100 children and young people, aged 8 - 23, who were welcomed at 3Generate 2019. They came from all over the country. Watch the video above to find out more.

 Volunteer info link

Volunteer applications for 3Generate 2020 are now open! If you are interested in volunteering at 3Generate 2020 for the first time, please complete this application form. For past volunteers, from 2017/18/19, please complete the returning volunteer form. Inspiring stories from previous volunteers are available for those considering volunteering in 2020.

 Link to Booking Info

 Details for 3Generate 2020 will be available in the spring but in the meantime we thought you might like to know that groups will sleep in a tented village inside the NEC, with members of the same group clustered together. All leaders will have walk-in tents with beds and mattresses supplied. Children and young people will be in tents holding 2-3, with sleeping mattresses provided. Provision will be made for inclusion and accessibility in accommodation. Showers will be provided. There will be a rest space for the leaders at The Well. We look forward to welcoming you.

Link Button to Bringing a group

 Our page for those bringing a group to 3Generate offers lots of information and advice, including leader ratios, Safer Recruitment and more - to help you get prepared. Further details about our new venue will be released in the spring. To help you carry on the conversation locally with your group all year, download the Big Session and the 3Generate Local PackWe have created an overview of attendance statistics from last year's event per Region and Methodist District. You can find this overview here.

 3Generate Clothing and Merchandise

 3Generate clothing and other merchandise will be available on the Methodist Publishing website from Monday 13th January – check out what we have available at the following links:

 Take a look back at 3Generate 2019

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Last year's 3Generate theme was 'Where is God In your Story?' This was to reflect the fact that, responding to a challenge from 3Generate, the Methodist Church decided to make 2019-2020 a year of Testimony. Delegates, volunteers and group leaders at 3Generate 2019 were asked to notice where God is at work in their lives and to share their story of knowing God.

Everything the children and young people say at 3Generate is gathered together and used, through a careful process of prayerful discernment, to create the 3Generate Manifesto for the coming year (see the video below) and the 3Generate report to Methodist Conference.  You can watch the full 3Generate presentation to Methodist Conference 2019.

Take a look back at the memories from this year's 3Generate at the 2019 Gallery Page and find Merchandise reflecting these themes is available here.

Elections for the Youth President 2020/2021 also took place at 3Generate. The successful candidate is Phoebe Parkin, aged 17, from the Telford circuit in the Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury District. Phoebe will become the new Youth President at a service to be held in September 2020.















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