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What is 3Generate 365?

3Generate 365 is a year-round process of engagement with children and young people in their local setting to enable them listen to God, discern what God is saying, deepen their faith and be confident in being evangelists sharing their faith with others.

Following 3Generate 365 the intention is that children and young people will attend the event in 2021, which they will have had the opportunity to co-create. This will be a culmination of their listening and discerning and their experiences of responding to God’s call.

You can find out what is on offer for group leaders and children and young people on our 365 dates for the diary. 

Join us as we pray for 3Gen 365 with Youth President, Phoebe Parkin. 

365 Theme

3Generate 365 will explore topics of prayer, being one body in Christ, prophecy and covenant.

Our 365 theme is: Tune In! God is always speaking and is always there and we are 'tuning in' to what God may be saying to us. We can only have an authentic prophetic voice by noticing what we are seeing and hearing from God.

We will then be ‘in Tune’ for the 3Generate 2021 Assembly, where we will explore what it means to be in tune with each other and with God and how we all have a part to play as members of the Body of Christ.

What will 3Generate 365 look like?

3Generate 365 aims to resource and support churches, circuits and districts in their ministry with and among children, young people, families and young adults. This will be achieved through ‘District Ambassadors’, who will facilitate the engagement with 3Generate 365 of those within their district.

Children and young people

3Generate 365 will explore topics of prayer, being one body in Christ, prophecy and covenant. 8-23 year olds will be encouraged to take part in 3Generate 365 through:

  • engaging in 365 resources with their group/leaders
  • using the 3Generate app
  • attending  ‘Tune In’ events
  • sharing their prophetic voice with District Ambassador volunteers who will be supporting 3Gen 365 locally.

Young people can find out more through our 365 Children and young people page or on the 3Gen App web pages.

Those aged 18-23, who aren't participating as a group, are asked to sign up through this form. 

Group leaders

Group leaders have the 3Generate 365 Toolbox, which will offer ideas and resources to equip prayer and discernment, acting as a springboard for children and young people as agents of change and a catalyst for mission, evangelism and social action in their local context. They will also be offered monthly training/webinar opportunities to equip them in leading their children and young people in 3Generate 365 activities. Learn about what’s on offer through our 365 Group Leaders page.

Local church

3Generate 365 shouldn’t just have an impact on children and young people, it should impact the whole Methodist Church. Local churches, organisations and groups have a vital role to play in encouraging, praying for, listening to and learning from children and young people over the coming months. Download our resource Accompanying children, young people and leaders on the 3Generate 365 journey to help you to reflect on how you can be part of 3Generate 365; recognising, releasing and responding to the prophetic voice of children and young people.

3Generate 365 Launch

We launched 3Generate 365 on the week of 14 September with a series of videos to give you an idea of what 3Generate 365 is really about! To go back and watch these videos, visit our 365 Launch Week page. 

How to get involved:


We have two roles on offer for 3Generate 365:

You can find more about our two roles on our 365 Volunteer Roles page

Engaging a group

As mentioned in our ‘what will 3Generate 365 look like?’ section, we have lots for children and young people and group leaders to engage in! There will also be opportunities for local groups to be a part of the planning for 3Generate 2021. You must sign up as a group in order for both Group Leaders and children/young people to gain access to content. If there is a young person in your church without a youth leader who wishes to engage, all we need is for a church representative to take responsibility for signing up. Find out more information, and how to register, through our 365 Group Leaders page. You can refer your children and young people to the 365 Children and young people page to find out more.

Engaging as an 18-23

If you are aged 18 – 23 and you are not part of a group you can register as part of 3Generate 365  as an individual using this form. You could also volunteer as part of a Satellite Group (to help plan the 3Generate 2021 event), as part of a District Ambassador team (to help deliver 3Generate 365 locally) or as part of the delivery team for the 3Generate 2021 event. Go to our volunteer page to find out more. 

Contact us 

General enquiries:   3Generate@methodistchurch.org.uk

Groups:   3gengroups@methodistchurch.org.uk

Volunteers:  3genvols@methodistchurch.org.uk

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