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This page is for children and young people to learn about 3Generate 365 

On this page:




What is 3Generate 365?



3Generate 365 is a year-round resource to enable you to listen to God, discern what God is saying, deepen your faith and be confident in sharing your faith with others. We want to see you participating fully in the mission of your local church. 3Generate 365 will explore topics of prayer, being one body in Christ, prophecy and covenant.

Go to our Launch Week page for more insight on 3Generate 365 through a series of introductory videos. See our dates and the diary to see what's on offer for you in the coming months.  




3Generate 365 will explore topics of prayer, the Body of Christ, prophecy and covenant.

Our 365 theme is: Tune In! God is always speaking and is always there and we are 'tuning in' to what God may be saying to us. We can only have an authentic prophetic voice by noticing what we are seeing and hearing from God.

Don't forget to Tune In with God and with other children and young people on Fridays@5:17.

We will then be ‘In Tune’ for the 3Generate 2021 Assembly, where we will explore what it means to be in tune with each other and with God and how we all have a part to play as part of the Body of Christ. 



Getting involved with 365


3Generate TV

Visit 3Generate TV for videos from past 3Generate events on a number of subjects, as well as playlists for Get Creative!, Sports & Physicality and Agents of Change.


3Generate App

The 3Generate App is now available to download on Google Play and Apple! This will give you access to: Voting for the Youth President, news updates, sharing your voice and what you think God is saying, quizzes, polls and stories. If you can’t access the app then we have web page alternatives.


Tune In events 

3Generate 365 hosted the first of two exciting ‘Tune In’ events on 21 November - you can view the video on our app webpage.

January Tune In for Children and Young People

We’re excited to be hosting the next Tune In events for children and young people on Saturday 30th January. The previous Tune In was in the form of a YouTube live broadcast but this event will be different, partly due to current lockdown restrictions. 

We will be holding two Tune In events via zoom on the 30th January as follows:

10am-11am for 8 -11 year olds

2pm – 3pm for 11 + year olds

Phoebe Parkin, Youth President and the 3Gen Youth reps will be our hosts.  During the events children and young people will be encouraged to take part in a range of challenges, conversations and fun activities with opportunities to have their say on issues that matter to them.

There will be a limited number of tickets available and the aim is to enable children and young people to connect with each other, discussing their views and opinions. Anyone working with children and young people in churches (whether ministers, layworkers or volunteers) is encouraged to share the booking links below with those they know and work with.


Booking Tickets

Parents/carers can book tickets directly for their children and young people to take part in these events.  Those aged 18-23 years can also book their own tickets. 

Book for the 8-11s Tune In here:  https://tickets.myiknowchurch.co.uk/gb/NDQ2LTM2/t

Book for the 11+ Tune In here: https://tickets.myiknowchurch.co.uk/gb/NDQ2LTM3/t

If you’re aged 18-23 years, book here: https://tickets.myiknowchurch.co.uk/gb/NDQ2LTM4/t

If you have any questions please contact: 3Generate@methodistchurch.org.uk


Agents of Change 

Our Agents of Change work aims to inspire and equip you and other children/young people to be activists, volunteers, campaigners, peace-makers and project-starters. Go to our agents of change pages to find out more:



How to get involved

If you have a youth worker/Group Leader and they have not been the ones to tell you about 3Generate 365, then let them know you are interested and ask them to sign you up to 3Generate 365.

If you do not have a youth worker/Group Leader, then get in touch with your minister and they can assist - or find a church representative to assist – with registering your into 3Generate 365.



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