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A reflection on Launch Week by Youth President, Phoebe Parkin

Writing this, I am listening to Prime Minister’s Questions. Wherever you sit on the political spectrum, I think we can all agree that the new measures put in place this week are a stark reminder of the times we are living in – a time of uncertainty, anguish and difficulty. This week also marks the start of a new chapter for university students and apprentices, including many of my friends. From speaking to them, I know they are finding physical distancing a strain, especially if they have moved away from home for the first time, or are starting a job remotely. Some have not been able to secure university places or their apprenticeships have been cancelled. All of this reminds me that I need to stay connected to them, or in some cases reconnect with them. This does require effort sometimes – not because I don’t like speaking to them, but more because video calls are exhausting and remind me of how far away my school friends actually are.

But after I speak to them, I feel so much better, and I hope that they do too. As the Church, we need to start reconnecting with our children and young people. Speaking and listening to children and young people reminds them that they are part of the Church. It reminds them that in this time when they might be feeling the strain of Covid-19 that God loves them, speaks to them and comforts them. Many people of all ages are struggling to look beyond the next couple of weeks but reconnecting can help to move things forward.

3Generate 365 is all about dialogue with children, young people and the Church, and encouraging this to happen at a local level. As part of this, reconnection is an important first step of the journey. The flexibility of 3Gen 365 allows youth groups to join the journey at their own pace, when they are ready. The beauty of 3Gen 365 is that there is so much support, through resources and webinars, to allow this reconnection to happen. Launch week saw the start of the 3Gen 365 journey, including two brilliant webinars, a prayer session and an animation video explaining what 3Gen 365 is all about. If you missed this, do not worry because they are all available on the 3Gen TV YouTube channel and the 3Gen 365 webpage.

So, what next? We’ve had launch week and we’ve started the journey of reconnecting and talking with our children and young people. The next step is simple – go and check out 3Gen 365. Look at the array of fantastic resources available that encourage reconnection, and explore returning to youth groups after lockdown. 3Gen 365 is a way to start moving forward with your youth groups, whatever stage they are at and going at your own pace. So please do join us on this journey. Lets reconnect, talk and journey together as followers of Christ.

The 3Gen365 Prayer

Thursday 1 October was National Poetry Day and I wrote a prayer for 3Generate 365 as we set out on an adventure tuning in to God.  I’m wondering about what God might say to us and how we’ll each be able to spending time praying and listening to him.  Let’s be praying that we can travel together, especially during these uncertain times, knowing God is with us each step of the way. - Phoebe Parkin, Youth President

Access the 3Gen365 prayer here

Catch up with Launch Week

You can catch up with what happened on our 3Generate TV on YouTube.  You can also click on the below titles to take you to the relevant video: 

3Generate 365 Goes Live!

Everyone’s invited to join Phoebe Parkin, Youth President, as she introduces 3Gen 365 and the brand new animation video to launch this year of engagement with children and young people.

Mission Planning and 3Generate 365 – Evangelism & Growth Team and Children, Youth & Families Team in conversation

What is 3Generate 365 and how might it shape your church’s mission planning? There will be information about resources available, events to look out for and some ‘top tips’ for engaging all ages in planning for mission. 

3Generate 365 for Group Leaders

Calling all group leaders of children and young people:  come and hear more about the resources to equip and support you through the coming year. 

3Generate 365 Let’s Tune In to God

Everyone is invited to join in as we wrap up launch week with space to come together and pray, led by Phoebe Parkin, Youth President.

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