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Why volunteer?

Volunteering for 3Generate can be an exciting and rewarding challenge; a chance to be part of a vibrant national project. It is an opportunity to meet new people, develop new skills, have fun and try something different. Many volunteers speak of the positive impact that it has on their faith - maybe God is nudging you to join in and be involved?

You won’t be left on your own to do lots of work, but will be supported throughout and have the chance to work in areas that interest you. There are a whole range of ways of being involved, from more hands-on children’s and youth work, through to stewarding and admin support.

All those leading and volunteering as part of the 3Generate 365 process will be required to undertake our webinar training on Unconscious Bias and Inclusivity as well as our Briefing sessions on the process of engagement in 3Generate 365. All of our volunteers receive training, coaching and preparation. 

District Ambassadors

Role Descriptors:
District Ambassador Member 
Youth Ambassadors

District Ambassador Teams

Each district will have a District Ambassador nominated by the District Chair. The Ambassadors will be a cohort of district representatives, working alongside the Children, Youth and Family Team to achieve the aims of 3Generate 365. Each Ambassador will facilitate a team based in their district. This team will be comprised of 3Generate registered volunteers and 3Generate Youth Rep(s), all of whom will be resident in the Ambassador’s district. The team will also include Youth Ambassadors (16-17 year olds), who will be recruited by the District Ambassador with the support of the 3Generate Reps and Youth President.

The purpose of the District Ambassador Teams is to engage in dialogue with people within their district, including local churches, group leaders and children and young people. The teams will communicate ways in which these groups can get involved in 3Generate 365. They will also encourage the creation of smaller local groups within circuits, as well as connecting within the district. This will enable local churches to engage as an intergenerational community in supporting 3Generate 365.

Specifically, District Ambassador Teams will:

  • facilitate the monthly ‘Tune Ins’ for children and young people and their leaders, which will help them create community across circuits and districts
  • liaise with the Satellite Group Leads who are working on 3Generate Event 2021, sharing the voice of the children and young people to inform the creation of the 3Generate event 2021 programme
  • attend briefings in the autumn of 2020
  • download, read and share our resource: Accompanying your children, young people and leaders on the 3Generate 365 Journey (coming soon)
  • Follow the lead and instruction of the Lead District Ambassador, set by the District Chair

If you are interested in fulfilling a District Ambassador role, we recommend that you begin to look at our 3Generate Toolbox to prepare you for the 3Gen365 Journey. 

Download our resource 'Accompanying children, young people and leaders on the 3Generate 365 journey' to help you to reflect on how you can be part of 3Generate 365; recognising, releasing and responding to the prophetic voice of children and young people.

Satellite Groups

These are groups of staff, volunteers and children and young people who have a focus on the development of the 3Generate 2021 programme. They will enable children and young people to take a leading role and contribute to and shape, the 2021 event. The Satellite Groups will liaise with the District Ambassadors to hear the voices of children and young people coming from the ‘Tune In’ gatherings.  This will take the format of a virtual gathering of Ambassadors and Satellite Leads, facilitated by Children, Youth and Family staff team.

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Role description: Satellite Group Member

Registering interest

If you are interested in volunteering for 3Generate 365, in either capacity, please press the 'registering interest' button below and we will be in touch with you very soon regarding the application process. 

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General enquiries:   3Generate@methodistchurch.org.uk

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Volunteers:  3genvols@methodistchurch.org.uk


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