3Generate 365 Toolbox for group leaders

Welcome to the 3Generate 365 Toolbox!

This is the place for group leaders to find everything they need to take their children and young people on the 3Generate 365 journey. This includes learning and development opportunities for leaders themselves, session plans, Bible studies and activities to run with your group and other helpful suggestions and advice. The Toolbox will be supported by a number of specially designed webinars and a series of 'Tune In' events for leaders to attend where they can share learning and receive support and encouragement.



You might also want to check out the Voting Matters resource, to help you have conversations with your children and young people about the upcoming elections.

Also available to help you prepare ahead of the January Tune In, we have created a Tune In cribsheet for leaders.

Recently added to the 3Generate 365 Toolbox:

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