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Group leaders
If you are a Group Leader then make sure you visit our page especially for you on bringing a group, and check out the Leaders' Playlist on our 3GenerateTV YouTube Channel.

We have created an overview of attendance statistics per Region and Methodist District. You can download this overview here.


  • Groups stay in chalets next to their leaders, who are responsible for their care throughout the event. Leaders allocate rooms within the chalets to their group members. Leaders and participants sleep on beds in the chalets using their own sleeping bag. You will also need to bring a  pillowcase to go on the pillow provided.
  • Accommodation at Pontins is arranged in chalet blocks on two floors. Typically, each chalet block will have five chalets on the ground floor and five chalets on the first floor. Access to the first floor chalets is via external staircases and a continuous veranda along the front of the chalets. All chalets are accessed from the front.
  • In 2018 we introduced Chalet Hosts - volunteers who are there to help you settle in and feel at home during the weekend. They will air and warm the chalets before you arrive and provide you with your own welcome pack of goodies!
  • 3Generate has exclusive use of the Pontins site for the whole weekend. The site has a secure perimeter and the gate is staffed 24 hours a day. Night stewards patrol the accommodation areas at night.

The 3Generate theme

This year's 3Generate theme is 'Where is God In your Story?' This is to reflect the fact that, responding to a challenge from 3Generate, the Methodist Church has decided to make 2019-2020 a year of Testimony. Delegates, volunteers and group leaders at 3Generate 2019 will be asked to notice where God is at work in their lives and to share their story of knowing God.

Our Youth President for 2019-2020, Thelma Commey, has her own theme for the year. This is #JesusLovesAll. Thelma is excited about celebrating the unconditional love of God with those who attend 3Generate 2019, and reflecting together on how we share that love with others.

An event shaped by children and young people, for children and young people
As far as possible 3Generate is planned in consultation with children, young people, young adults and their leaders - and is shaped, based on this feedback, by
 a team of adult facilitators, who specialise in working with children and young people. If you or your group would like to be part of this process, find out more about being a Shaper Group here.

Woven into each year's event will be:

  • a chance to vote for their representatives at the Youth President and Youth Rep elections
  • a chance to meet up with friends and make new ones - from other Methodist churches all over the country
  • a weekend of conversation, debate, indoor and outdoor activities, games, music, sport, crafts and challenges
  • time and space to worship together in a range of creative and imaginative ways
  • an opportunity for children and young people to talk about the issues that affect and really matter to them, the world and the Church - to listen to each other and to God.

Find out more by watching some videos featuring previous participants on our 3GenerateTV YouTube channel.

Click here to watch the promo video for 3Generate 2019, featuring footage of the 2018 event.

Read this article from Wantage & Abingdon Methodist Circuit, which has been compiled from the experiences of some of its children and young people and was featured in the Circuit Magazine.

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Keep checking the Sneak peek and news page and follow 3Generate on Twitter and Facebook.  We'll be posting all the latest info to make sure you're really getting excited about your 3Generate weekend. You can also sign-up to receive The Well Snapshots from Methodist Children, Youth and Families, which will provide regular updates and 3Generate news.

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