Lots to do

If you're aged between 8 and 11 (school years 4-6) there's loads at 3Generate to keep you busy all weekend.

All of this has been shaped with the help of local groups of children like you and includes activities like stories, music, games, magic, outdoor activities, worship, discussion in small groups, drama, crafts and lots more.

You can also get to know the Youth President candidates for the coming year and those standing to be Youth Reps - and then vote for the people  you'd like to represent you.

Visit our 3GenerateTV YouTube channel to find out more about the event.


Settling in

3Generate 2019 will be held at Pontins in Southport and you will be attending the event with your group and your leader.

Groups will stay in chalets next to their leaders, who will be taking care of you during the event.

If there are only one or two of you in your church and you don't have a group to come to 3Generate with, your church can contact your circuit or district who can help you find others from nearby churches to join with. There will also be 'meet up' activities organised during the weekend to help you make new friends with people from all over the country who have similar interests to you.

At meal times, your group can choose to eat with others from the same part of the country, helping you to make more friends during the weekend!

Your leader will be given chalets for the group and they will decide who you will be sharing with. 

There will be plenty of people to help you to settle in and find your way around - and for you to talk to if you need to. They'll each have a t-shirt or hoodie to let you know that they're a member of the 3Generate team. So you'll be able to spot them easily.


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