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Why 3Generate?

3Generate - hearing the voice of children and young people

3Generate is more than just another event - it's a model of participation, a process and an intergenerational way of working that is unique to Methodism.

3Generate exists to provide an opportunity for the Church to hear from and be informed by young people.  It is aimed at anyone between the ages of 8 and 23. 

As well as having opportunity to take part in lots of indoor and outdoor activities, children and young people will be able to make friends and engage with issues that really matter to them - both in the Church and in their wider world.  3Generate offers time and space to worship, debate and have fun together.

3Generate is a speak-out event for children and young people. It is the Children and Youth Assembly of the Methodist Church (Standing Order 250). 

3Generate is shaped by children and young people for children and young people - alongside a team of adult facilitators from the Connexion, who specialise in working with children and young people.

Everyone can get involved in planning the event. Children, young people, young adults and youth workers participate in the creation and delivery of the event through local Shaper Groups.

3Generate provides a unique opportunity for dialogue and engagement with children and young people. Outcomes from the weekend are fed back to Methodist Conference and help to inform the work and direction of the Connexional Team and local congregations. Following each event we publish a Manifesto and there are resources are available to carry on conversation at a local level and support children and young people - and the wider Church - to engage with 3Generate all year round. Through 3Generate we aim to encourage children and young people to play a more active part in their local churches, circuits and districts.


Youth President and 3Generate Youth Representatives

At 3Generate we also aim to empower young people to become leaders.  The Youth President election is held at the event each year, along with voting for all other Youth Rep roles that are open to young people. Recruitment for the Youth President role begins in June each year, with the successful candidate taking office at the start of September the following year. 

Please tell any young people you know who are eligible about the great opportunities available to represent others.


Safety and support

In addition to the group leaders, there will be a team of professional children's and youth workers on hand throughout the weekend.  As well as members of the Methodist Children, Youth and Family Team and the Methodist Learning Network, we'll also have volunteers and our One Programme Participants.  All of these groups will be easily identifiable by their t-shirts/hoodies.

Everyone working with children and young people at 3Generate will be briefed and trained for their role and will have completed the necessary DBS checks.


How can you help?

Spread the word

Tell your congregations about 3Generate and encourage them to send their groups of children and young people along. Help individuals and small groups link up with each other to make friends or even plan travel together ahead of the event.  Include 3Generate on your website, in your newsletters and notice sheets. Let's make 2019 the biggest and best weekend yet! 

Support your children and young people

Consider ways you could provide financial support to enable your groups to attend 3Generate this year.  You could look at joining with other groups and providing a coach or mini bus from your area, or organising a youth-led fundraising event.

Safer recruitment

We understand that some churches may not have sufficient youth leaders and in some cases, none, however adults appointed through the safer recruitment process and in possession of a current DBS certificate covering "Regulated Activity" may be considered leaders for the purpose of the event. All adults attending the event will need to have been recruited within their local context via a process of safer recruitment and should attend 3Generate with the agreement of their minister or Circuit Superintendent. Details about safer recruitment can be found on the Group Leaders' page.


Are members of your congregation passionate about making a difference to children and young people? If so, please encourage them to consider volunteering for 3Generate

To run this year's event, we are going to need a large number of volunteers - both part-time and full-time.

Leaders attending with their groups are welcome to apply and this can be part-time or full-time, according to the needs of their group. 

Keeping up-to-date

In the coming months we'll have lots more news and details for you about all that will be happening at 3Generate so keep visiting the Sneak peeks and news page

You can also follow 3Generate on Twitter and Facebook, keep up-to-date and pass information onto the children and young people in your groups. You might want to sign-up for Well Snapshots, which is sent out by the Methodist Children, Youth and Family Team and will feature regular 3Generate updates.


Contact us

If there's anything else you'd like to know about 3Generate, or if your children's and youth leaders need help with your booking you can contact us


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