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Why 3Generate?

3Generate is an annual weekend event for children and young people, aged between 8 and 23, organised by the Methodist Church. The event exists primarily to provide an opportunity for the Church to hear from and be informed by children and young people.

Each year 3Generate is shaped by children and young people for children and young people - alongside a team of adult facilitators from the Connexion (the Methodist Church in the whole of Britain), who specialise in working with children and young people.

So, as well as providing opportunities for lots of indoor and outdoor activities at the venue, the weekend will also give your children and young people the chance to make friends and engage with issues that really matter to them - both in the Church and in their wider world. 3Generate offers time and space to talk, worship and have fun together.

The Youth President election is held at 3Generate, along with voting for other Youth Rep roles that are open to young people.

The 3Generate programme enhances the UK Schools' National Curriculum - which aims to "provide opportunities for all pupils to learn, to achieve" and "to promote pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and prepare all pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life".

Here's what children and young people have told us about their experience of attending 3Generate:

'It was eye-opening and amazing'

'It was really enjoyable and educational'

'I made loads of friends'

'It rekindled my relationship with God'

'We should do it more often'

How does 3Generate work?

If you haven't already seen the page More about the event - you might like to read this as well. On this page you can also find links for all three age groups of children and young people and further details for those with additional needs.

There are lots of activities and entertainments to choose from, often taking place across age streams but sometimes in age appropriate groups: 8-11s (school years 4-6), 11-14s (school years 7-9), 14-18s (school years 10-13) and 19-23s.

The weekend programme will include a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities - music, theatre, drama, comedy, discussion, debates, worship, prayer, sports, crafts and much more.

Children and young people, together with their leaders, attend as a group. Group leaders are your primary contact and if you have any questions that leaders cannot answer (and is not answered online), your leaders can contact the 3Generate team for clarification.

Groups stay in chalets adjacent to their leaders, who are responsible for their care throughout the event. 

When there are only one or two children or young people who are not in a group, we would encourage them to join with others in their circuit or district and attend together. 

Safety and support

The children and young people remain in the care of their own children's and youth workers throughout the weekend. The Methodist Children, Youth and Family team, together with colleagues and volunteers from across the Methodist Church, will also be on-hand during the weekend to facilitate and deliver sessions and to support and care for our children and young people.

We will have a team of stewards, both during the daytime and also during the night to patrol the camp and deal with any issues.

Everyone working with children and young people at 3Generate will be briefed and trained for their role and will have completed a process of safer recruitment, including references and a DBS check.

First Aiders will be on-hand both day and night, including a large number of the delivery team trained in Mental Health First Aid.

Contact us

If there's anything you'd like to know about 3Generate that you cannot find on these pages or that your children and youth worker cannot answer, you can contact us.


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