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3Generate Volunteer Stories

Fran Bailey

I volunteered for 3Generate because I was taking a group of young people from our local church and realised that there was a need for more volunteers to make the event happen. 3Generate has a positive impact on the children and young people I work with, but only if there are enough volunteers to make the event a success.

The more you put into anything, the more you get out of it! It is fabulous being part of a group of people who want to work together to make something happen. #teamwork!

Go for it! Come and be part of a team working together to create an event that has a profound impact on children and young people.

Fran, with her daughter, at the silent disco.



Kim Kershaw

It has been brilliant to see the young people engage with 3Generate, deepening their friendships and faith. They feel part of a wider church, especially those from churches and circuits where there are fewer young people.

Volunteering for 3Generate enables me to give something back to the young people. Mixing with other volunteers means I get to hear about what is going on in other local churches and the Connexional Team. I can return with ideas that feed into discussions locally and it helps me feel rooted in the wider Methodist Church.

Last year, I combined volunteering with the team for the Friday evening registrations along with being a group leader for the remainder of the weekend. This gave me an opportunity to help when needed and to spend time with our own young people. It is great to see the excitement as everyone arrives. Some are a little nervous but they soon gain confidence and throw themselves into the weekend.

Volunteers come from all over the Connexion, all walks of life and all age groups. It is a good place to make friends and a reminder that we are part of a broad Church.

There are roles directly involved with the young people and other roles that help the event run smoothly, such as stewarding and administration.

I would encourage everyone to have a look at the role profiles and find something to become part of this wonderful event.


Craig Gaffney

I was the Leader for the Roving Youth team last year and I am a former Youth President. I currently work as a pastoral worker with the Methodist Church Forces Board, supporting young adults in the military and their children as part of a chaplaincy team.

I have been volunteering at 3Generate for many years and it has been a significant part of my journey. It has developed my faith and now I have the opportunity to give something back, allowing young people to encounter God and engage with their faith.

It has been incredible to see how 3Generate has grown and to hear of personal encounters with God. This, along with hearing from our young people, inspires me to be part of 3Generate each year.

The Roving Youth Team serve as detached youth workers, offering pastoral support during the event. We wander around, chatting with young people, discussing faith and just having a laugh.

It is very powerful to worship with a 1000 Methodist young people in one space, it is awe-inspiring, amazing and fills me with hope.

There is a wide range of worship styles and activities to help everyone grow in their faith as part of one big 3Generate family. If you like dancing and loud music, if you like discussion, if you like peace then 3Generate has something for you. If you like drama and workshops, sports and outdoor activities, then 3Generate is the place to go.

3Generate needs a variety of people with all sorts of different skills. So, whatever your gifts are, 3Generate needs your help to make it a success.

It is hard work for a weekend, but so rewarding.

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