God's World, Our Home

Hello friend! Welcome to the God’s World, Our Home webpages. It's great that you’re interested in climate justice and I hope that you’ll be able to have fun and learn more over the course of these sessions. 

God’s World, Our Home began as a small idea in my kitchen and when I was elected as Youth President, I was really excited that so many children and young people were also interested in environmental justice. The vision for God’s World, Our Home was for children and young people to lead the church in responding to the climate crisis, and this resource is there to help do that. There are videos, prayers, challenges, and activities to explore the spiritual, theological, and practical response to the climate crisis. 

My prayer is that there will be a whole movement of children and young people changing and challenging the Church to respond to the climate crisis. I really hope you enjoy the God’s World, Our Home resource and that inspires you to take action and make real change. 

Every blessing,
Phoebe, Youth President 2020/2021 

Click the links above to access all the God's World, Our Home resources, or see below for related content. 

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