Networks and campaigns


Refugee Week is encouraging people to participate in one or more of its #SimpleActs. How many can you do as a family or youth group?

UNHCR, the UN's Refugee Agency, is asking people to show solidarity with families who have been forced to flee by joining with them on two billion kilometres to safety - can you add your kilometres to the global total?

During Refugee Week, Youth for Refugees is asking everyone to share their #SafeSpace2020 photos and join with them on campaigning for a Safe Space for all children and young people. Find out about the #SafeSpace2020 campaign, and a list of other highlighted ways you can campaign, here.

Visit the Joint Public Issues Team website to find out about the campaigns they are currently running on behalf of refugees and asylum seekers, in particular the Journeys of Hope page for this year's Refugee Week. If you are aged between the age of 18 to 25 you may also be interested in becoming part of the Young Activists Network.

You can find out more about Christian Aid's Uprooted and Overlooked campaign, including how your church could host the exhibition. Also available is the campaign toolkit, with advice on working with your local politician - which is one of the things the Conference Resolution last year asked churches to do.

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