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Voting is now closed - thank you to everyone who voted!


"How to vote" video

This is a short video showing how to vote using the 3Gen App - it is the same process to vote via the website (using the button above).

The video shows viewing candidate details, adding an access code and submitting a vote. There was a short survey about the role of the Youth President after voting.

Children and young people in the Methodist Church of Britain aged 8-23 were allowed to vote in these elections. 


Voting is closed for all elections. 

Youth President Candidates

Please click on the names to find out more about each Youth President candidate. The information includes two videos for each candidate - a short introduction and a longer interview to enable you to get to know your candidates better. 

Youth Reps

There are 5 different roles that candidates are standing for. As there are enough places for those standing as candidates, we asked you to confirm that you agree to each candidate representing you.

Find out more about the candidates below:


Youth President Candidate - Daud Irfan

Introduction and Interview:


Hi, I'm Daud Irfan from Cardiff and currently I'm studying International Marketing in my final year at De Montfort University. I'm a very social, approachable, confident and enthusiastic person with a strong desire to stand up for what I believe in. Growing up in a diverse church with a very large youth group and interacting throughout my entire life with young people from various countries and backgrounds is the reason why I am so passionate about my theme. As your Youth President, I will strive to work for you and with you to together grow in Christ.

Age: 21

Home church: Cathays Methodist Church and Cardiff Urdu/Hindi Fellowship (Methodist)

Theme: God’s Church - A Home For All

Project outline: Currently as a country where we are trying to overcome the chaos and effects of COVID-19, I believe the church plays a huge role in overcoming the grip of fear this virus has on us, by standing together in unity not only as church members but also as members of the local community. God's church is a place where anyone and everyone is welcome, accepted, loved and most importantly respected. Another major issue we are facing right now is the matter of inequality and prejudice. Movements such as Black Lives Matter are issues we need to address in our churches. I feel that the church plays a huge part in tackling these issues because we are His witnesses in the world and through our attitude we can bring others into God's love which is equal and abundant for all mankind.

Three words that describe me: Friendly, Funny, Hardworking

Hobbies: One of my most favourite things to do is travelling. I love to travel and explore new countries and try local foods. I'm also a huge sports fan and enjoy playing football. I like to spend my time learning new things, going out with friends and often gaming.

Favourite Bible verse: Proverbs 18:10 The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run into it and are safe.

Favourite fictional character: Tony Stark

One thing I’m proud of: I'm extremely proud of the fact that I'm always learning new things, open to other people's views and always eager to better myself as an individual. Whether it's online courses, extra-curricular events in school, watching documentaries, or reading. Everyday I push myself and never back down from a challenge.

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Youth President Candidate - Mary Sharples

Introduction and Interview:


Hello! I’m Mary Sharples - I’m from Bristol, and I’m currently studying Drama at the University of Manchester. I love colourful clothes and being outdoors, and I’m really passionate about social, economic and environmental justice. I would love to be your Youth President so we can work together to make sure that the Church is talking about social justice and actively working towards a more peaceful and equal world.

Age: 21

Home Church: Victoria Methodist Church, Bristol

My Theme: Do Justice & Love Mercy

Project outline: 60 Seconds for Social Justice

Three words that describe me: Colourful. Confident. Creative.

Hobbies: I love being outside - my favourite things are going canoeing on rivers and canals, playing canoe polo, and going hiking with my friends. I also love chatting over a cuppa and some biscuits, and I really enjoy getting creative - trying new veggie recipes in the kitchen, baking, writing, and painting.

Favourite Bible verse: Matthew 28:20 - ‘and surely I am with you always, even to the end of the age.’

Favourite fictional character: Merida from Brave

One thing I’m proud of: On a kayaking trip last year, I paddled off a pretty big waterfall in Scotland and didn’t capsize! I almost didn’t do it because I was so nervous, but I’m glad I did - it boosted my confidence and I got a sick picture!

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Youth President Candidate - Zariel Konadu

Introduction and Interview:


Hey I’m Zariel Konadu. I am 17 and currently work as a tutor from North London. Being a tutor, I have the opportunity to meet and interact with people from diverse backgrounds, each having exceptional personalities. Becoming Youth President, I can be a part of the young voices that are roaring to make the changes we all deserve to see. I want to bring young people closer to God, so that we can live our Christian lives in peace.

Age: 17

Home Church: Middle Lane

Theme: God-Given Superpowers

Project outline: My hope is to reveal the superpowers we as Christians are given through our connection with Christ. By living our lives in fellowship, sharing the Good News and manifesting the virtues of love and kindness, we can use these superpowers every day to demonstrate our relationship with Jesus. In volunteering, praise and worship, studying the bible and initiating youth groups we can take evangelism to our wider communities just through practicing these simple yet powerful Christian exercises.

Three words that describe me: Optimistic, Determined and Compassionate

Hobbies: I enjoy watching an inspirational movie or reading a captivating book. I also find going to the park for a jog or a walk relaxing.

Favourite Bible verse: Psalm 31:24 “Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord!”

Favourite fictional character: Black Panther

One thing I’m proud of: Raising awareness about growing poverty rates in London through artwork, earning me the Jack Petchey Award.

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Youth Rep Candidates

Methodist Council Rep Candidate - Verity Wild

Verity Wild

I would be really excited to represent your voices at Methodist Council, one of the most important decision making bodies of the Church. It also provides an opportunity to be able to affect the changes you want to see within the life of the Church as well as to have conversations with people from across the Connexion and from all walks of life. I bring to this role a unique understanding of Methodism. Attending Methodist Conference as a representative from my District, has enabled me to be confident in voicing my opinions. Alongside this I can bring my passion for social justice issues such as young people’s mental health, gender equality and climate justice, I also have an enthusiasm for hearing and representing your voices.

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Methodist Conference Rep Candidates - Matthew Hays, Rachel Barwise  and Roxanne Bromley

Matthew Hays

Being a young person in church is not always easy.  Maybe you feel that your local church is missing something, such as a youth club.  Perhaps you wish that an issue you feel strongly about should be debated within the wider Connexion.  Whatever your thoughts are, I want to hear them.  As your Conference Rep, I shall be an ‘Empathetic Listener’.  I am excited to discover what you have to say about the Methodist Church. In addition, I can bring a range of ideas and experiences to the table.  I have encountered traditional churches and modern youth events.  I have been involved with so many young people, from Scouts to the National Citizen Service.  Currently, I work with a Christian youth charity raising up disadvantaged children and teenagers to be ‘World Changers’ in their community. Right now, I am ready to make your voices heard. 

Rachel Barwise

What excites me most about becoming a rep is the opportunity to speak on behalf of 3Generate to present what we, as young people, care about and how we want to make a difference within our church communities and beyond; to bring God’s Kingdom of love, joy and acceptance for all in our current climate. Throughout my life, my faith has been paramount in informing my decisions, especially surrounding social justice (for example, allyship with the LGBTQIA+ community, socially distanced protests with the Black Lives Matter movement, campaigning with Student Christian Movement). I am confident in expressing viewpoints and I feel ready to champion our collective voice at Conference. I am approachable, organised, eager to learn and creatively minded. As a Drama and Theatre Studies student, I am excited to see how I can use the skills I have developed to encourage everyone at 3Generate to utilise their powerful voices!

Roxanne Bromley

Being a Council Rep for the last 3 years has helped to increase my confidence and stand up for what I believe in. I believe I would make a good Conference Rep representing the young people of the Methodist Church as I am confident speaking on issues which have been raised from other young people, and asking questions which I believe to be in the best interest of young people in the Methodist Church. I am excited to apply these skills which I developed during my time as Council Rep, and apply them to a new role, to represent the minds of the young people in our Church to help them feel more included and make sure they know all our voices matter and will be heard.

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Global Church Rep Candidates - Liddy Buswell and Megan Haslam

Liddy Buswell

Building community is something that is really important to me, whether that’s with our neighbours in our hometowns or with countries across the globe. I did a modern languages degree, and I spent a semester teaching English in a Methodist school in Peru and worshipping at the local Methodist Church. This really opened my eyes to what a global community the Methodist Church is, and having the chance to get to know Methodists in such a different cultural environment was amazing. The chance to build more of those relationships and get to know more young Methodists across the globe really excites me about this role. As our world faces more and more challenges, international cooperation is going to be more important than ever, and uniting as a global Church family is vital to create change and build a world filled with the love of God.

Megan Haslam

I am interested in international relations and have studied French, German and Italian at GCSE and A Level. I find the Global Church Rep role particularly appealing because I enjoy learning about different cultures and understanding how Christian faith works within them. I am very passionate about my faith and about learning how to share it in different contexts and I am excited to see where this role could lead.

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Ecumenical Rep Candidates - Isabel Barlow and Martha Rand

Isabel Barlow

I love to learn about other cultures and always to trying to expand the way we worship. I am a very confident, creative young woman that takes in all opinions of others. I think I would be good for this role as I am an organised person that is interested in not just expanding my worship but worship for others as well. I already have experience of vocalising the young people’s voice and I think I would be a great rep as I really enjoy giving young people a voice and sharing new ideas.

Martha Rand

Having lived in Cumbria for the past 6 years, where there is an agreement to work ecumenically between four denominations, I strongly believe that working ecumenically is the future of the Church. Therefore, I am keen to take on the role of Ecumenical Rep and work more widely with  other denominations, both to learn from them and to show them how we operate in the Methodist Church. Having been a rep to Methodist Conference for the past two years I believe I have the knowledge of Methodism to be able to represent our denomination well at ecumenical events. I also have lots of experience working with others in the church both in person and remotely over zoom.

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Social Justice Rep Candidates - Emily Roe and Rachael Lowe

Emily Roe

As a rep I want to listen to your views and opinions and be able to take those to the wider Church whilst also supporting you to talk to your churches about issues that matter to you. If I were to be a Social Justice Rep, I would look into different social justice issues that are facing young people today and share my knowledge with you to help you grow and understand the importance of these issues to help you feel confident in being able to share these concerns with your peers and church.

Rachael Lowe

I feel passionately that the voice of all young people should be heard! I particularly want to focus on the voice of young disabled people. As a wheelchair user I have faced many barriers and prejudices, especially when visiting new churches. I would like to shine a light on these struggles and to make our local churches more friendly, inclusive and welcoming places. If I was to be elected as a Social Justice Rep, I would like to encourage the formation of a focus group of young people from across the Connexion, with different impairments, to share advice and experiences. From this, I hope that suggestions and recommendations for local churches can be proposed that can break down barriers and assumptions, to help make church-going a more positive experience for young disabled people.

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