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This page mirrors content found on our 3Generate App for children and young people. Please share these App pages with those unable to access the App directly - thank you.


From January 2021 we are launching a weekly time of prayer every Friday at 5:17pm!

‘Never stop praying’ 1 Thessalonians 5:17

You are encouraged to spend some time listening and paying attention to God at 5:17pm every Friday. You can do this on your own, or with others (should that be possible). If you can’t get involved at that time, then pray at any time in the week! The important thing is to set aside some time to spend with God, and to know that there are children and young people within the Methodist/3Gen community who are all doing the same.

Keep your eye on the Youth President’s social media to read a prayer every week. There will also be lots of prayers on the 3Gen App that you can read. But feel free to pray in whatever way you like to help you Tune In to God!

To help you establish some quiet time, you may like to download this fantastic Fridays@5:17 door hanger (pdf) - just stick it on some card (like an old cereal box) and cut it out (or ask someone to cut it out for you). There is a colour page that's ready to go or an outline for you to decorate, if you'd prefer!

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is Fridays@5:17? 
    It is a time when children and young people are encouraged to stop and pray, and to listen to what God may be saying.
  • Why is it at 5:17pm? 
    1 Thessalonians 5:17 says Never stop praying. So we chose the time 5:17pm!
  • How do we join in? 
    You can join in by stopping what you are doing for a few minutes to pray on your own. Or you could join together (online or in person) with others from your family/group/church and pray together. Occasionally there may be opportunities to join in with Fridays@5:17 events that are happening in your district or connexionally, so keep your eye on the news section of the App to find out what is happening.
  • What if I don’t know what to pray? 
    That’s ok – we don’t always need words to pray! Sometimes just being quiet, listening to music, or reading a bit of the Bible can help. If you want to read a prayer then there are some on the App in the ‘Time with God’ section, or check out the Youth President’s social media accounts to read the prayers on there.

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God in your life

We want to know what you think God is saying to you, so please share with us using the links below or via the 'Time with God' and ‘Have Your Say’ sections of the 3Gen App.

Send us a prayer or poem, upload artwork or a photo, for possible inclusion on the App - just complete this short online form - submissions on this form can be anonymous and we only share the name and county/area if you say we can (eg Sam from Suffolk or Alex from Scotland).

We also have two questions that you may like to answer (all these responses are anonymous):

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